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About Airkit

After founding RelateIQ and successfully selling to Salesforce in 2014, we are revolutionizing how companies connect with their customers. We are building software to make customer interactions personalized, proactive, and effortless.


What we believe

From the software we build to the relationships we seek with our own customers, these beliefs guide our approach to customer experience.
  1. 01

    Customer experiences are fundamentally broken.

    Today’s customer journeys are anything but seamless. They’re slow, agonizingly manual and lack meaningful context. Everything we build should empathize with the experiences our end users will have.
  2. 02

    Not all customer moments are created equal.

    We are focused on your customers’ most important moments, whether it’s securing the first sale or resolving an urgent request.
  3. 03

    Customer interactions must be personalized, wherever they happen.

    Customers have every right to expect that their history of interactions — orders, requests, calls — will be remembered at each new moment. Technology has made it possible to maintain this level of personal touch at scale.
  4. 04

    Customers want to interact wherever is most convenient for them at that moment.

    Omnichannel is a legacy word. Customers don’t think about channels. These are just different ways they communicate. They view speaking on the phone one interaction, on email the next, and via text after that…all part of one long conversation.
  5. 05

    Your company should be able to launch new experiences quickly.

    You don’t need another system of record. Our focus is helping you get more out of your current technology investments.
  6. 06

    CX deserves a seat in the boardroom.

    In the subscription economy, customer experience is paramount. When your customers have the opportunity to churn — or upsell — every period, each interaction has an even greater opportunity to impact revenue.
  7. 07

    Customers want to self-serve.

    The digital first consumer doesn’t want to call your 800 number to speak with a live agent or chat with a robot. They want to be empowered to self-serve on their devices.
  8. 08

    Great experiences shouldn’t rely on a native app.

    Your customer should be able to accomplish their goal in seconds without downloading anything. We’re long past the peak of native app usage; the average smartphone user downloads zero apps each month.

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