Faster time to resolution with embedded agent automation tools

Agent Automation

Optimize the employee experience for contact center agents with knowledge insights, quick actions, and co‑browsing – all directly from their existing management console.


of agents feel that they don’t have the resources or the authority to deal with customers effectively.

Jive, 2019

Why aren’t agents equipped to resolve customer requests efficiently?

Siloed systems with vendor lock‑in
Legacy agent tools require logging into a disparate management console and don’t integrate well with their existing systems.
Expensive implementation services
Custom implementation and development services to address all use cases and industries are time-consuming and costly.
Fragmented chatbot‑to‑human handoff
Traditional chatbots introduce friction for agents by moving conversation-to-case handoffs within separate consoles.

How we solve it?

Single pane of glass. No vendor lock‑in
Embed within your existing CRM or CCaaS solution to boost agent productivity. Build once, deploy across multiple platforms.
Lower integration and development costs
Simple setup, integrations, and development with reusable components. No heavy professional services required.
Frictionless escalation to live agents
Easily escalate complex customer requests to a live agent for immediate assistance. Unified view of conversation history and help tickets.

Key benefits

AGENT Automation

Surface customer insights from your systems of record

Airkit AirAssist flows key information from all your backend systems to your agents – all within your existing CRM or CCaaS software. Key customer insights include user demographics, journey progress, and interaction history specific to each use case and industry.

  • Multi-channel support (SMS, Web, Google RCS and Business Messages, Facebook Messenger)
  • Build once, deploy universally across conversational channels
  • Auto-optimize experience for content-rich RCS messaging
  • Customize for your brand theme and use cases
  • Easily escalate to a human when needed
  • Built-in security & compliance

Connect agents to self-service actions in the moment of need

Empower agents to take quick action by triggering digital experiences from within their management console, such as filing a new claim, authentication, or secure collection of sensitive data. Customize actions, rules, and business logic to your company’s use case and industry requirements while minimizing agent effort required.

  • Agent-triggered multi-step digital journeys for self-service
  • Omnichannel service (web, SMS, email, chat)
  • Customizable rules & decisions
  • Conditional business logic
  • Continuous data refreshes for up-to-date information

Seamless chatbot-to-human handoff for live agent support

When human involvement is required, Airkit AirConnect instantly connects customers to agents from a chatbot or live chat conversation. Agents can access customer profile data and chat history with native integrations into popular CRM or CCaaS solutions.

Featured Integrations


Example use cases

Order management
Claim management
Patient services
Supply chain tracking
Senior or veteran care

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