Webinar: Automation Tools for Sales Conversion

Time kills all deals. The longer it takes to connect with leads, the greater the chance new opportunities will get stuck in the sales funnel. Meanwhile, sales teams spend a lot of time and energy playing phone tag.

Automation can help. Tune in to our live session to learn how the Airkit low-code platform can help you boost sales conversion. Here are some of the points we’ll cover:

* How to delight new leads with self-service tools accessible across devices
* How to automate call scheduling and meeting reminders
* Why it’s crucial to connect with leads at the moment of intent
* How to use personalized touches to secure renewals

Speakers Frank Golden and David Pascale will be available for a Q&A session at the end. We promise they’re really nice.

Sign up for the live conversation on May 14 at 10am PST!

Pre-Built Integrations With CRM, Helpdesk, And Telephony Platforms:

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