health insurance claims process

Optimizing health insurance claims processes

In 2020, over 297 million people had some form of health insurance. The lion’s share of health insurance policies are provided and managed, not by a public institution, but by private insurers. So, how do those private institutions build the infrastructure to serve millions while managing such personal, important processes like health care claims?  To […]

airkit for financial services

How Airkit helps Banking and Financial Services

Finance is personal. Banks, financial institutions, and the clients they serve all want to keep it that way. Every customer wants to feel like the spotlight is on them, and only them, when they need help, or are just checking in on their accounts.  But, maintaining a personal touch while serving millions and millions of […]

create your own api

Create your own API with Airkit

REST APIs, at its core, are a means of communication. They allow for systems or applications to communicate and transfer data to one another. APIs are an integral part of the development of web services and make data digestible for a system, and allow you to write code to explicitly request data from a server.  […]

automate loan status checks

How to automate loan status checks with Airkit

There are levels to loans. While some might classify covering the check at a dinner with friends as a kind of loan, the rest of the financial sector would beg to differ. Loans are complex, multi-step financial instruments. For both the loan provider and the loan recipient, it’s essential to keep track of the loan’s […]

how to learn airkit

How to learn Airkit

Airkit is a low code platform that streamlines the process of building out customer experiences. While we pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can learn to build an application in Airkit, reaching a point where your applications are fully utilizing everything Airkit has to offer can take anywhere from a few hours to a […]

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apis and systems airkit

Your APIs and systems connect to Airkit

All companies have existing systems that are critical to keeping the business running. In 2022, it’s more relevant than ever to make sure new software or tools can connect seamlessly with those systems. Good news for you, Airkit was built with integrations in mind from the very beginning. Beyond our core system integrations, Airkit also […]

airkit community site

The New Airkit Community Website

You ever feel like some support documentation doesn’t really answer a specific question you have? And how nice it is to find someone else asking the exact same question for a real problem you have? Well, you’re in luck this year because Airkit has something just for people like you.  We are pleased to announce […]

wismo tracking

WISMO: How to build and manage “where is my order” tracking with Airkit

Over the past two years, many of us have been working, shopping, and doing just about everything else from home.  During that time, there was no greater thrill than getting that alert that something you ordered had finally shown up at your door.  Whether you ordered new fitness equipment, a new puffer jacket, or the […]

api gateways

Using API Gateway to deliver egress IPs with AWS and Terraform

Airkit IP-Ranges Here at Airkit, we provide an HTTP(s) endpoint ( that produces a JSON list of all possible egress IP addresses that traffic could use when establishing a connection between Airkit and any other external service. Hopefully one day the internet as a whole can move past deny/allow lists to full zero-trust security models. […]

branding experiences with airkit

Branding your Airkit experience everywhere

Your brand is the front door to your business. Your customers have likely grown to recognize it, too. From your logo’s color palette to the perfectly engineered pixels that define your website’s aesthetic, all these assets function as an instantaneous introduction to your company.  So, how do you make sure all those valuable brand assets […]