digital self-service

How to provide digital self-service to your customers

With most, if not all, customers searching out the information they’re after on their own, businesses have to make sure they’re still guiding their customer’s experiences. A good place for business to start crafting digital self-service flows is at the intersection of high-volume, low-complexity interactions that have a high ROI return for businesses. For example, […]

switching channels cx

Switching channels for a better CX

The other day, I was going on my computer and had to go through a process to verify my identity and needed to upload a picture of my driver’s license. The first thing I did was groan a little 😂.  This sounds like a pretty simple task but the workflow that I ended up doing […]

automating kyc

Automating KYC (Know Your Customer)

All banks and financial institutions have to collect a new client’s critical data like their name, address, social security number, and date of birth. But, how they process, check, and respond to that data is up to each business. The multi-layered process of vetting your client, verifying their identity, and understanding their needs has made […]

building apps for multiple salesforce campaigns

Building apps for multiple Salesforce campaigns

As a builder in Airkit, I’m often shocked by how many features or technical requests I’m asked to build into applications that would have taken weeks or months to properly build and scope for, and in Airkit I can have these built and incorporated into a tool by the end of the day. Take, for […]

consistent branding with airkit

Delivering consistent branding with Airkit

Great branding sticks with you. Whether it’s the static glow followed by an angelic choir that announces an HBO feature, the signature “ta-dum” that greets you before your latest Netflix binge, or the iconic red and yellow colors that you see before swinging through the drive thru — the quality and consistency of branding has […]

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kyung bae experience architecture

From Customer to Teammate: Kyung Bae’s journey from MetLife Architect to Airkit

Today, Kyung Bae builds large-scale, complex solutions for Airkit customers. He specializes in dreaming up and building software tools that have an outsized impact. The type of tools that save Airkit users hours and hours of time while leveling up their company’s customer experience. But, his path to becoming Head of Solutions Engineering at Airkit […]

custom domains with airkit

Unlock the power of Custom Domains with Airkit

Domains perform mission-critical work quietly and consistently. When your customer types in your company’s website into their browser and they’re whisked away to the exact place they need to be, your domain is doing its job.  But, there’s no one-name fits all strategy for domains. Today, modern tech companies, insurance companies, and everyone in-between are […]

sicp problems

Solving the first three SICP problems with Airscript

Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of building in Airkit. This is largely because, as of March of last year, I work at Airkit, and so I need to be familiar with the platform for professional purposes. But it’s also because building in Airkit is a lot of fun. There’s a lot […]

health insurance claims process

Optimizing health insurance claims processes

In 2020, over 297 million people had some form of health insurance. The lion’s share of health insurance policies are provided and managed, not by a public institution, but by private insurers. So, how do those private institutions build the infrastructure to serve millions while managing such personal, important processes like health care claims?  To […]

airkit for financial services

How Airkit helps Banking and Financial Services

Finance is personal. Banks, financial institutions, and the clients they serve all want to keep it that way. Every customer wants to feel like the spotlight is on them, and only them, when they need help, or are just checking in on their accounts.  But, maintaining a personal touch while serving millions and millions of […]