The Advantages of Low-Code

Airkit is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps businesses rapidly develop customer applications: “Crawford has already achieved a 20x reduction in development times while reducing total cost of ownership for app development by $13M over three years.” If you aren’t familiar with Airkit, or Low-Code in general, here are the benefits: 1) Reduce […]

Building Calendly with Airkit

Building Calendly Walkthrough: Integration with Google Calendar and Zoom

I use Calendly a lot in my day to day to book meetings that fit within my schedule, and as I continued to use it, I wanted to see if I could build the core functionality of the tool in Airkit. There were a few things I wanted to make sure we could do in […]

Cat_Kingdom_Game_Social_Card_V3 (352 × 220 px) (1)

Cat Trophy Kingdom: Building a video game with Airkit’s low-code platform

A few weeks ago, in preparation for releasing version 18.1 of Airkit, some coworkers and I were stress-testing the new animation functionality. We started with the basics, things we imagined might be among the most common use cases: building out a customized progress bar, associating an animation with the appearance of a warning label so […]

Why Full Stack Devs love Airkit

Why Full Stack Developers ❤️ Airkit

Authors: Jeff Whitehead, CIO Airkit and Zhenyu Li, Staff Engineer, Airkit Many developers are skeptical of low code, as they have little or a previous negative experience with them (typically as too limiting in their capabilities), but Airkit is a different Low Code experience – designed for leverage and rapid development, with the power that […]

30-min.build_ Google Lens Rebuild with Airkit

30 Minute Builds: Google Lens Rebuild with Airkit

A standard mental exercise that all software engineers and web developers inevitably participate in is looking at a piece of software or an application, and thinking to themselves: “How would I make that?” It can come from either a stylistic interest, wanting to see what their take or spin on the product could be, but […]

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Airkit and Governance for Regulated Industries

Airkit and Governance for Regulated Industries

The market has spoken: There’s no longer any question that Software as a Service (SaaS) can quickly bring big value into your business. There are many advantages to SaaS, but there have also been adoption challenges which are especially acute for large enterprises and those operating in regulated industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and […]

PDF Form Filler Integrated with Box

30 Minute Builds: PDF Form Filler Integrated with Box

A very typical use case for a lot of our customers and folks who are building with Airkit is digitizing a form into an application, having the application insert the user’s inputs into a PDF, and then storing that filled PDF for internal use in some sort of cloud storage.  Airkit comes with its own […]


Embedding apps on websites and SaaS platforms

Have you ever wished to have the ability to modify or enhance a SaaS platform in a way that the vendor didn’t natively support? Airkit is a rapid development platform that can help you efficiently build and iterate whatever tooling you or your customers need, and display it exactly where you want it.  Airkit enhances […]

economic downturn

A look at how low-code app development can help organizations get through the economic downturn

Businesses find themselves in a geopolitical, financial, and logistical story that’s changing everyday. In a time of economic uncertainty, efficiency and productivity are the keys to helping you weather the storm and keep pushing forward. Sometimes investing in the right tool is the answer to continued growth in hard times rather than scaling back on […]

digital self-service

How to provide digital self-service to your customers

With most, if not all, customers searching out the information they’re after on their own, businesses have to make sure they’re still guiding their customer’s experiences. A good place for business to start crafting digital self-service flows is at the intersection of high-volume, low-complexity interactions that have a high ROI return for businesses. For example, […]