Looking back on Airkit customers’ success in 2021

Most businesses have the same destination in mind. They want to continually surprise and delight their customers to keep them coming back. But, the journey to get there looks a bit different depending on what industry you’re in, the level of scale you’re operating at, and what your customers need. This past year we had […]


How to measure digital CX – the critical metrics to track

It’s one thing to feel like you’re doing a great job of serving your customers. It’s another thing to know you’re doing just that. Data is the key to making sure your hunch is more than just a feeling. But, to gather that data, you need the right series of digital tools in place. If […]

omnichannel experience explained

The omnichannel experience explained

Being omnichannel-ready is no longer exceptional for today’s companies. It’s a necessity for any business to be able to view and learn from their customer’s whole journey. from A to Z, across channels. In each step, companies learn critical information about their customer’s preferences, their customer’s intentions, and how each channel is performing.  So what […]

builder integrations

Feature of the month: integrations

Airkit is your system of action. Use your current technology stack to easily integrate with other external systems. Learn more about the integration features on Airkit.

digital contact center

What makes a digital contact center?

Learn more about the history of contact centers, what a digital contact center is, and how digital contact centers are becoming the new norm.

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Step up your policy administration with self-service

Why providing digital self-service options is a win for you as an insurance provider and your customer.

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How to improve FNOL workflows and boost CSAT with Airkit 

Improve your digital insurance experience by automating the FNOL process.

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Meet your customers where they are with SMS 

Learn how to directly and immediately connect with your customers via SMS.

chat bots and voice bots

Feature of the month: voice and chatbots for call deflection

Reduce strain on your contact center by building call deflection workflows with Airkit’s voice and chatbots.

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Reinventing the insurance customer experience

Providing an exceptional digital experience is no longer a nice-to-have. Learn how Airkit is taking an exciting step in better preparing our insurance customers to reinvent their digital CX.