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Another week, another big announcement. The Airkit team is now working with EZR Logistics! We’re celebrating more than just a new client. This is a partnership to digitize customer experience in the modern contact center.

The Players

EZR Logistics is all about efficiency and careful planning. The company manages the recovery, tracking, and handling of its clients’ returnable packaging throughout the supply chain. EZR also invented recoverable one-way rental racks. They service more than 10,000 locations and have completed an impressive 10 million recoveries.

Airkit is a tool for digitizing customer interactions in the contact center. Our low-code builder empowers businesses to customize CX journeys across many devices and channels. Using Airkit is a fast way to achieve the right balance between personal conversations and digital touchpoints.

Read on for a glimpse of this tool in action.

The Ask

To manage and grow their business, the EZR team relies on contact center agents to communicate with customers and organize important details like logistics pickups.

ERZ had enough logistics to handle without constantly adding new agents on a seasonal basis. The company wanted the freedom to secure more accounts without also increasing costs.

Deploying technology to collect information more efficiently seemed like an obvious solution. Yet as in most organizations, the IT team was forever scaling an Everest of project backlogs. EZR couldn’t afford to sink months of development into building a practical solution internally.

“For us, moving quickly is essential. Most businesses ebb and flow. We have a six-month season which ramps fast. We needed a solution that would allow us to pivot quickly if needed”, says Jeff Chen, Senior Technology Manager at EZR.

Airkit had a solution for reducing agent handle times. Our team took the tedious effort traditionally delegated to agents and allowed customers to self-serve, anytime, anywhere. Now, EZR can avoid increased employee headcount and customer hold times as well as boost customer satisfaction.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Before using Airkit, getting a handle on the inventory at a specific location was headache-inducing. An EZR rep had to navigate a lengthy phone call, describing, for instance,  what the returnable racks look like. Meanwhile, a local employee walked around and counted.

This was a waste of time, money, and, for the agent, precious patience. Amazingly, this long-standing and costly problem was resolved nearly immediately. The prototype solution for a more efficient customer journey at EZR took Airkit just one day to create.

According to Jeff, “[Airkit] has been really easy to implement. Our account manager, Spencer, and the rest of the team have been able to take each requirement and turn it around quickly. If we were doing this ourselves, I’d expect to have to wait at least six months.”

Agents’ lives are easier now that they can send a simple SMS instead of attempting to reach customers on the phone. Customers’ lives are easier too since they can merely click on a link to open up a “mini app” experience where they can fill in the required information.

The Airkit solution was locked and loaded less than two weeks after the contract was signed, in keeping with our rapid deployment promise. And this is only the start of our journey with EZR.

The Future

EZR Logistics is all about careful planning. They understand the need to constantly adapt, constantly delight customers, and save in new ways.

Jeff says it best. “To me, the most exciting thing is when Spencer asks ‘What do you want to add next? We continue to grow together.”

With Airkit as their core platform for digital intake, EZR can quickly configure and launch new experiences themselves. They don’t need extra agents or even extra developers to launch new self-service options, IVR deflection features, payment processing, and more.

Check out the full press release here.

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