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The right partners make a huge difference in any business. That’s why we’re excited to announce Airkit has joined the Zendesk Marketplace!

Have We Met?

For those of you who don’t know, Airkit is a low-code platform for customer engagement. Our low-code builder allows business leaders to quickly deploy digital customer experiences across any channel or device. Now teams can easily service customers on their preferred channels, like chat, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and even native apps.

The Airkit platform is designed to be as simple as building an Excel spreadsheet. Instead of going through months or quarters of development cycles, customer-facing teams are empowered to create new digital customer journeys in days. This means business leaders can now raise the bar for CX and scale operations faster and at a lower cost.

A New Pal

You’re likely already familiar with Zendesk as a customer support ticketing platform and sales CRM system. Many teams entrust Zendesk with managing their most important customer relationships.

Zendesk aims to provide robust support to its customers through additional tools and integrations. The place to access all those resources is the Zendesk Marketplace. The Marketplace is described as “a one-stop-shop to find partners, apps, and integrations.”

Today, one of the tools you can find there is Airkit.

Even Better Together

If you take advantage of the Airkit and Zendesk integration, you can use the following pre-built kits.

  • IVR Deflection: Deflect phone interactions into intuitive digital experiences.
  • Customer Self-Service: Empower customers to resolve routine issues by themselves.
  • Call Scheduling: Stop playing phone tag with leads.
  • PCI Compliance: Agents can securely process credit card payments, even working remotely.

Let’s dive deeper into the value of this partnership:

The Effortless Flow of Information: Thanks to the built-in Zendesk integration, any progress a customer makes in a digital journey is automatically updated. Airkit seamlessly sends all data back to a Zendesk ticket in real time.

For instance, once a customer updates their payment information, renews a subscription, or reviews terms and conditions within an Airkit secure link, agents are alerted. Keeping the agents well-informed ensures customers get attention even while completing tasks on their own.

Automated Ticket Creation: The Airkit platform allows your team to build helpful customer experiences available anywhere and anytime. If a customer wants to file a support request, they can now do so even after hours, regardless of channel or device. The customer can self-serve, whether from a phone call, SMS, chat, or native app.

Once you’ve built this branded CX journey, you don’t have to worry about creating the Zendesk tickets. This task is executed automatically. You can now focus on delighting the customer.

Zendesk Reporting: If you’re already a Zendesk user, you’re familiar with Zendesk’s robust and reliable reporting tool. That same system will now keep you updated on the performance of your digital customer journeys. Then, you can take those insights and quickly adapt, tweaking existing experiences or launching new ones in merely days. Airkit makes this iterative process possible, allowing your team to be agile.

Sales Conversion: The power of Airkit and Zendesk Sell helps your team avoid playing phone tag. Instead of wasting time and energy leaving voicemails, Airkit customer journeys increase lead connect rates with no effort. Digital experiences engage customers with digital call scheduling and SMS reminders. This way your sales team can focus on higher-value work.

Airkit and Zendesk in Action

You don’t have to take our word for it. Peer-to-peer car-sharing company, Turo, is already taking advantage of the Airkit platform combined with Zendesk.

Turo is using Airkit so that car owners can self-serve when they need to request a late fee. Previously, these users would have spent time on the phone, describing their problem and waiting for an agent to locate their account. Now, the journey is fully digital. Car owners click on a link, fill out a form right in their mobile browser, and receive a confirmation.

This is what Senior Manager of Business Operations, Khalid Alali, had to say. “Our main goal is to improve CX while reducing cost. This means increasing self-service. Customers are happy when their issues are resolved quickly, not necessarily when they speak to an agent.”

Indeed, since working together, Turo has seen a 33% decrease in average handle time.

So, have we made you curious?

To learn more about the Airkit and Zendesk integration, click here. You can also watch this short video for a demonstration.

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