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Today’s customers’ expectations for digital experiences are higher than ever before. Not only do people want to make purchases online quickly, but they’re also more sensitive about data privacy.

The relationships between brands and customers are longer-lived, with brands in control of sensitive information and even privy to private areas of customers’ lives. Each interaction, no matter how small it may seem, has the potential to make or break essential trust.

Airkit can help you navigate these high expectations. Our automation platform empowers your CX team to create tailored digital customer experiences. The days of waiting for engineering resources are over.

Using Airkit Studio, your team can create PCI-compliant phone, chat, and email customer journeys seamlessly integrated with Zendesk. Our pre-built template allows you to process credit card payments easily and securely across any channel and device. For Zendesk customers, compliance is just five minutes away.

Compliance Kit Benefits

Here are some of the things you can accomplish with our user-friendly template.

Agent-Initiated Functions from Zendesk Support and Sell: Agents can send secure links across channels like SMS, email, and WhatsApp. These secure links lead customers to a web-based application where they can safely input payment information.

For the customer, this process is painless and intuitive. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing that agents are staying compliant, even in a remote-work environment.

IVR Call Deflection from Zendesk Talk: Think of how many payment-related calls flood your contact center. Imagine all those calls being deflected into a digital self-service option. Customers can make payments as well as upgrade subscriptions and get confirmation details.

This type of experience drastically reduces hold times, which equates to more satisfied customers. On the other hand, agents can focus on the kind of high-value problems that customers can’t solve alone.

Payments in Minutes: Airkit integrates with all modern payment providers, including Stripe, Braintree and Adyen. For your team, this means you can quickly deliver new payment methods to your customers.The Airkit platform is designed to help you make experiences as convenient as possible and adapt to evolving customer needs.

Reporting Directly from Zendesk:  The Airkit and Zendesk integration ensures agents are automatically alerted when a customer payment is complete. The agent can stay on top of the evolving customer journey while being removed from sensitive personal data. This solution is the best of both worlds.

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