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Most businesses have the same destination in mind. They want to continually surprise and delight their customers to keep them coming back. But, the journey to get there looks a bit different depending on what industry you’re in, the level of scale you’re operating at, and what your customers need.

This past year we had the pleasure and privilege of powering customer experience solutions for companies working across a wide variety of industries. Whether they were streamlining restaurant reservations, making insurance processes a breeze, or building out new digital workflows for customers, customer satisfaction was always on their mind. 

We’re here to recap some of our favorite customer success stories from the past year and explain what problem each customer was trying to solve, how they did it, and their success.

Let’s dive in. 

Savoring customers’ success in 2021

Customer: OpenTable

Industry: Tech / Restaurant Operations 

Problem: OpenTable has a double-sided marketplace consisting of 60,000 restaurants and over 31 million diners.

In 2021, they found it was getting difficult to manage the large volume of calls coming into their call center for issues the might be easily and swiftly resolved using an asynchronous, self-serve flow. 

To serve both restaurants and diners in a scalable manner, while still delivering the same level of care and personal attention both parties expect, OpenTable turned to Airkit. 

Solution: When customers, both diners and restaurants, called into OpenTable’s contact center, OpenTable offered them the option of switching to live chat instead of waiting on hold. Simply by pressing a button while on a call, Airkit would send the customer a text to direct them to the live chat, freeing up call center agents, and getting customers answers to their questions faster. 

Results: Using Airkit, OpenTable rerouted 10% of calls to their contact center by switching customers to livechat, resulting in tremendous cost savings on their call center costs, while driving up customer CSAT. 

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Customer: Metlife 

Industry: Insurance

Problem: Before someone starts an insurance plan, they fill out a Statement of Health form. This series of questions gives insurance companies like MetLife a better picture of who their new member is and what they need. 

But processing millions of these forms in a streamlined way is hard when you’re using an analog medium like paper. MetLife wanted to find a way to make that process more efficient when sending SOH forms to their employee base. 

Solution: Using Airkit, MetLife digitized the entire SOH form process, allowing their employees to fill out the form online in a digital setting. This cut down drastically on SOH processing time by eliminating manual data entry. Now, when an employee fills out the form, the data therein is sent securely to MetLife’s database via Airkit. 

Results: This new digital process led to 50% higher SOH completion results compared to the previous paper-based SOH process. Employees also strongly preferred the new Airkit-based flow with nearly 99% of SOH submissions coming from the digital flow. 

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Customer: AutoReturn

Industry: Automotive / Logistics

Problem: When someone discovers their car has been towed, they want to get it back as quickly and easily as they can. But, doing that requires the avenues of communication between several parties from the government agency that initiated the tow, to the towing company, and the car owner. 

AutoReturn helps reunite car owners with their vehicles after a tow. To cut down on contact center costs and help that reunion happen a lot faster, AutoReturn needed the help of a digital CX platform. 

Solution: Using Airkit, AutoReturn built a self-serve flow option within their call center’s IVR menu. Now, instead of having customers call in and wait on hold to get critical details about where their car is, those customers manage all of that through a self-serve flow. 

Pairing their API with Airkit to search for and deliver information via SMS or email, AutoReturn built a much faster way to give customers the information they need. Simply by opting to be sent a link in a text or email, customers can enter their car’s VIN number and receive an update about where their car is on their channel of choice. 

Results: After implementing their self-serve flow, AutoReturn reported deflecting 44% of calls and reducing their overall call volume by 20%. This saved the company a tremendous amount in contact center costs. 

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Customer: Bench

Industry: Finance

Problem: How do you deliver on your users’ preferences without asking them what those preferences are? Bench was trying to figure out an answer to that question. Designing a new, elegant onboarding flow to delight their users turned out to be a fine art that required data, UX savvy, and the freedom to experiment with new user flows. 

Solution: Using Airkit, Bench was able to experiment with new user onboarding flows without requiring engineering to intervene. This gave the marketing team more agency to design, implement and learn from experiments in an iterative manner, boosting CSAT scores and gathering vital customer data. 

Results: Bench boosted their new leads rate by 20% and reduced the amount of leads dropping out of their user flow by 10%

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