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We are excited to announce that starting on August 25th, 2021, we are opening up office hours for the Airkit community! Once a month – on the Wednesday after a session of our Flight School for Technical Users, from 10:00AM PST to 11:00AM PST – we will be hosting a communal discussion on how to make the most out of our digital CX automation platform.

We’re excited to take this next step in nurturing our Builder community. Our goal is to make building apps as effortless as possible for everyone, regardless of their existing technical acumen. We built out our entire support site to this end. Sometimes, however, it helps to speak directly to an expert, especially when a novel question or unique use case arises.

Now you can take those questions and talking points directly to our Developer Advocate team!

What are community office hours for?

Community Office Hours are intended to provide an opportunity to ask technical questions that might come up while building apps in Airkit. Airkit’s own team of Developer Advocates will be available to lend their expertise to any questions you may have.

The topics of discussion in Community Office Hours are intended to be exclusively technical in nature. (Questions regarding less technical topics, such as business or pricing, should continue to be directed to our Sales Team.) We do, however, want to emphasize that no question regarding the nuts and bolts of app development is too small. 

While Community Office Hours are not meant to serve as an initial introduction to the Airkit platform – the assumption is that everyone attending will have at least a passing familiarity with the material covered in our AK101 Course and our Quickstart Guide – app-building fundamentals are certainly not off the table as topics for discussion. Community Office Hours are a good time to do everything from workshop a complicated app build to examine details of how Airkit works under the hood and to get unstuck if you’re stuck on a particular bit of implementation.

If you know your question ahead of time, you’ll be given an opportunity to ask it upon registering for a session of Community Office Hours. Doing so will give us time to prepare a deeper presentation on the topic you want to discuss. 

Who is invited to community office hours?

Community Office Hours are open to anyone who has questions regarding the technical aspects of the Airkit platform. Whether you’ve signed up for a free trial and are just tinkering around with the Studio or you’re already a certified Airkit Builder, you’re welcome to pop in. It’s a good opportunity to get answers to questions you’re actively looking to answer, and it’s also a good opportunity to learn more about how other Builders are using the platform.

Where will community office hours be located?

In order to make Community Office Hour as accessible as possible, they will be held online over Zoom. The Zoom link for each session will be provided upon signup

Each session of Community Office Hours will also be recorded and archived on our YouTube channel, making it easy to refer back to them. This will simultaneously free attendees from feeling obligated to take notes or risk forgetting key insights while allowing Builders who weren’t able to attend to take some advantage of Office Hours asynchronously.

Why only a single hour per month?

We’re beginning our Builder Office Hours initiative with a single 60-minute session a week after each Flight School we host for technical users. This will allow us to gauge interest and engagement. If Builder Office Hours prove to have a positive impact on our Builders and additional time slots prove necessary to accommodate more Builders in more time zones, we’ll schedule them.

If you can’t make Builder Office Hours, you can submit a question just like any other Builder, and we’ll address it during Office Hours. You can then watch the discussion when we post the recording on our YouTube channel.

We’re looking forward to talking with everyone and exploring all the interesting things you can build with Airkit! Hope to see you there!

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