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Welcome customer-obsessed teams!

Today’s customers are more tech-savvy than ever. Most people complete work virtually and engage with brands online. This increased comfort with tech means customers can’t abide by slow or complicated digital journeys. Chances are, you recently abandoned a web page that was loading too slowly. Or perhaps you canceled a subscription service when you couldn’t get the support you needed. As a result, businesses are striving for the best ways to connect with audiences across cyberspace and ahead of competitors.

Airkit is here to help. Your teams can now launch digital customer experiences that work across channels and devices, delighting customers while easing contact center workloads. Thanks to our low-code platform, the days of waiting months for dedicated engineering resources are over.

Airkit also offers an out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. Keep reading for the details.

Airkit + Salesforce = A Perfect Match

You know that Salesforce is the top CRM choice in the world, entrusted with managing your most important customer relationships. Your sales teams can simplify tasks while building customer loyalty by integrating this system with Airkit’s customer automation platform.

Below are some of the tasks your team can program.

Scheduling: Once a new lead is created, send an SMS to schedule a call at the most convenient time for the customer. This saves sales teams a great deal of time and energy, as reps are no longer leaving endless voicemails.

Unclogging Your Pipeline: There’s nothing more frustrating than a hard-earned lead going cold in the pipeline. If an opportunity is stuck for more than 45 days, send an automated SMS to the primary contact. You can embed a complete, custom digital experience right in a message. This lead-nurturing technique is more engaging, connecting with your leads right on their phone.

PCI Payment Capture: Take a secure credit card payment over the phone with one click from Salesforce. The system automatically creates a case or task to alert the agent the payment is complete. You no longer need to stress about PCI compliance, even if your agents are working remotely.

Creating and Updating Salesforce Records: Airkit helps your teams deflect routine calls into self-service digital experiences. This allows customers to engage with your business on their terms, when and where they please. Your employees also benefit, spending less time on tier one issues and more energy on high-value, complex tasks that make a difference.
When customers complete Airkit digital journeys, each step they take is automatically logged into Salesforce. Not only are records created effortlessly, but your team also now has access to a wealth of data on how your customers prefer to transact online.

Reporting: As mentioned above, all Airkit journey data lives in Salesforce. This gives your team a holistic view of all customer interactions, allowing you to personalize digital journeys. By identifying customers with data like phone numbers and email addresses, you can ensure strong omni-channel experiences. After all, no one likes to repeat themselves or be forced to fill out the same forms on different devices.

See for Yourself

Take a look at this example app our team created (in less than a day):

Let’s pretend your business is a food delivery app. You want to partner with as many restaurants as possible, but the onboarding process is long and tedious.

By creating a custom Airkit app, you’re able to automate the previously manual information-gathering component of this process.
Done! Reassure the prospective partner and immediately move them to the next step.

Now, instead of playing phone tag, you’re allowing the user to select a date and time convenient for their schedule.
Lastly, Airkit allows you to keep your customer journeys clear and organized across multiple channels.

Airkit and SFDC Integration

This new potential partner is created as an account in Salesforce.

Airkit and SFDC Integration

Ta-da! The opportunity object is automatically updated. Your work here is done.

If you’d like to learn more about using low-code to build unique customer experiences, see Airkit in action here.

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