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Airkit was recently acknowledged by Plug and Play with the People’s Choice Award for the Most Outstanding Enterprise 2.0 vertical. Plug and Play finds, invests in, and supports the growth of great technology companies at their 26 locations worldwide. So far, they’ve accelerated more than 2,000 businesses. According to Connie Weisman, VP of Corporate Partnerships and Director of Enterprise 2.0, “Plug and Play provides ‘technology matchmaking’ or ‘innovation as a service’ for our corporate partners. We were thrilled with the strength of our latest company batch, and Airkit was one of the top picks in terms of large corporations wanting to set up meetings. Airkit had a great pitch and was always polished and well-received.”

Stephen Ehikian, our founder and CEO, said it best: “Being selected into the Plug and Play Winter Summit program was an incredible experience that accelerated our business with direct exposure to world-class enterprise customers and advisors. We are honored to also be the winner of the People’s Choice award.”

Airkit has been involved with Plug and Play since September 2019, when the company went through a highly selective process to be invited to their Winter 2019 program. Airkit has already benefited from the stellar networking opportunities provided by this organization.

The award was unexpected. Attendees of the 2019 Winter Summit Sunnyvale voted for their favorite company after seeing every organization’s pitch. There were some pretty extraordinary ideas and hardworking teams on display, and it’s exciting that the Airkit message resonated so powerfully amongst esteemed industry colleagues.

Connie Weisman explained the significance of the award. “We graduate different groups across spaces like health, mobility, and IOT. All the partners who graduated were there too, so the audience vote represents a win across the entire program.”

As any ambitious team, we’re looking forward to many more awards to come.

If you want to learn more about Airkit and why Plug and Play gave our team a vote of confidence, contact our team here.

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