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When a prospect is ready to talk to Sales, the last thing you want getting in the way is scheduling. In the remote work era, both prospects and Sales teams’ calendars are densely packed with blocks of meetings, and slotting a new meeting into a crowded calendar can feel like tackling the hardest level of Tetris. It’s even more difficult when you’re using email to coordinate. The pace of email back and forth is too slow to keep up with the speed of your calendar. 

Digital appointment scheduling gives Sales teams the fast, efficient solution they need to schedule meetings with prospects. Using smarter tools, Sales can save hours of time coordinating calendars over email and prospects can pick a time they prefer in just a few minutes. Airkit empowers Sales organizations to meet with more customers in a fraction of the time it would take to write, “Would this time work for you?” 

Why you need to automate call scheduling 

Interested prospects might not show their interest by contacting your Sales team to schedule a meeting. You need to have a way of empowering prospects to schedule a meeting themselves, on their own time, right when they’re interested. 

Digital, self-service-powered appointment scheduling lowers the barrier between a prospect and a conversation with your Sales team. Instead of sending emails back and forth for days, or waiting on hold to speak to a Sales associate, your customers can find a time to chat with a few clicks on your website. 

After they book an appointment, there’s a new mission critical task — making sure they show up to the meeting. Using Airkit’s powerful SaaS platform, you can schedule appointment reminders to be sent on the customer’s channel of choice whether it’s email or SMS. This helps reduce costly no-shows and ensures your Sales team can make the most of their time.

The benefits of digital appointment scheduling are easy to see. But, let’s take a look under the hood to see how the process works and how you can customize it to suit your business’s needs. 

How to make automated call scheduling work for you 

The major component of automated call scheduling is the self-service flow. Using Airkit, you can design and determine what a prospect’s experience will be from the moment they click “Schedule Call” to the moment they hop on the line with your Sales team. 

Airkit’s low-code SaaS platform gives you the ability to decide what information you’d like to collect from prospects prior to scheduling the call. Using a conversational flow builder, you can answer a prospect’s questions via chat while collecting relevant information. 

Airkit then ferries that data to your CRM of choice. Now, your Sales team can hit the ground running as soon as they hop on the phone with the prospect. By reviewing the information the customer has already provided in advance, you can serve them better on the call. You can also build automated omnichannel meeting invite prompts and reminders after a prospect schedules a meeting. 

Using Airkit’s platform, you have the flexibility to customize your digital appointment scheduling experience using API integrations that tie in your favorite tools. And, you can rest assured that any conversation across any API tied into Airkit’s platform is TCPA compliant. Protecting customer trust is at the core of our business, and yours too. Airkit comes standard with TCPA compliance, making sure your customers only receive the calls they want — like the meeting they booked with you using a digital appointment scheduler. 

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