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Your brand is the front door to your business. Your customers have likely grown to recognize it, too. From your logo’s color palette to the perfectly engineered pixels that define your website’s aesthetic, all these assets function as an instantaneous introduction to your company. 

So, how do you make sure all those valuable brand assets are everywhere you need them to be? Airkit can help out with that. 

Airkit works seamlessly and easily with all the assets that define your brand. When you’re building out new customer sign up flows, or any other web-based CX flow, you can incorporate your media assets into your Airkit-powered apps using Airkit’s Media Library

Adding Visual Elements to Airkit Apps

Add customized logos, images, and audio into the Media Library and pick where you want them to go using Airkit’s Web Builder tool. Think of the Media Library as a utility belt where you can safely store your valuable brand assets so they’re always within arm’s reach, and the Web Builder as the hero that can jump into the vault and grab the right asset for the job. 

With everything in one place, you can build branded customer journeys faster and more easily. You can also add new brand assets into existing journeys to give them a fresh look and feel to your customers. 

Let’s say your brand team redesigns your company’s logo. Naturally, you want to share that critical, updated asset far and wide so you customers can see the new face of your company. Using Airkit’s App Header feature, you can set images to appear across all of your web pages and apps automatically.

Setting The Font in Your Airkit Flows

We know that the pixels that form your company’s logo and assets are just one part of your company’s brand. Fonts are absolutely essential as well. Airkit comes preloaded with many of the fonts leading brands rely on today. But, no two brands are the same. So, Airkit makes it easy to upload your own font or custom made fonts and dictate where you’d like to use a particular font across website headers, buttons, and other areas. 

You can use that trusty Web Builder to preview the font changes you’d like to implement before you push them live. 

So, at this point you’ve got the branding you want across all of your Airkit apps and you’ve got the idea font for every part of those apps. But, what about the underlying infrastructure that powers those experiences? We’re talking about the phone numbers and web domains that your customers interact with every day.  

You can control the URLs that link out to each web app you publish in Airkit, as well as the phone numbers you set to send and receive calls and exchange text messages with customers. This gives you the freedom to create consistent, clear naming protocols to give customers a familiar URL or phone number to reach out to. 

See the Airkit Difference in Action

Airkit customer, Bench Accounting, used Airkit’s platform to give the marketing team the power to revamp 90% of their customers’ signup flow without having to tax their design or engineering teams. Airkit integrated seamlessly into Bench’s tech stack, allowing them to add new sign up flows with their logo, custom font, customer validation, and brand colors. 

After launch, Bench saw a 20% increase in the number of leads captured starting a free trial. 

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