Build an Onboarding App using Slack

Build an Onboarding App using Airkit and Slack

I had recently looked at automating Airkit’s our onboarding process for Slack and realized there was an opportunity to utilize an Airkit platform to create a Slack app. So rather than having a developer tackle a complex server-side application for this Slack application, I wanted to see if I could build out this Slack app […]

Building a Virtual Queue App

Building a Virtual Queue Application with Airkit

Application Overview Queueing applications were everywhere the past few years to help with capacity constraints and social distancing in public areas. From Yelp Waitlist experiences companies like WaitWhile, they allowed customers to sign up using a QR code or a phone number, and the customer would get a text message when their turn in line […]

Building Calendly with Airkit

Building Calendly Walkthrough: Integration with Google Calendar and Zoom

I use Calendly a lot in my day to day to book meetings that fit within my schedule, and as I continued to use it, I wanted to see if I could build the core functionality of the tool in Airkit. There were a few things I wanted to make sure we could do in […]

Cat_Kingdom_Game_Social_Card_V3 (352 × 220 px) (1)

Cat Trophy Kingdom: Building a video game with Airkit’s low-code platform

A few weeks ago, in preparation for releasing version 18.1 of Airkit, some coworkers and I were stress-testing the new animation functionality. We started with the basics, things we imagined might be among the most common use cases: building out a customized progress bar, associating an animation with the appearance of a warning label so […]

30-min.build_ Google Lens Rebuild with Airkit

30 Minute Builds: Google Lens Rebuild with Airkit

A standard mental exercise that all software engineers and web developers inevitably participate in is looking at a piece of software or an application, and thinking to themselves: “How would I make that?” It can come from either a stylistic interest, wanting to see what their take or spin on the product could be, but […]

PDF Form Filler Integrated with Box

30 Minute Builds: PDF Form Filler Integrated with Box

A very typical use case for a lot of our customers and folks who are building with Airkit is digitizing a form into an application, having the application insert the user’s inputs into a PDF, and then storing that filled PDF for internal use in some sort of cloud storage.  Airkit comes with its own […]

switching channels cx

Switching channels for a better CX

The other day, I was going on my computer and had to go through a process to verify my identity and needed to upload a picture of my driver’s license. The first thing I did was groan a little 😂.  This sounds like a pretty simple task but the workflow that I ended up doing […]

building apps for multiple salesforce campaigns

Building apps for multiple Salesforce campaigns

As a builder in Airkit, I’m often shocked by how many features or technical requests I’m asked to build into applications that would have taken weeks or months to properly build and scope for, and in Airkit I can have these built and incorporated into a tool by the end of the day. Take, for […]

consistent branding with airkit

Delivering consistent branding with Airkit

Great branding sticks with you. Whether it’s the static glow followed by an angelic choir that announces an HBO feature, the signature “ta-dum” that greets you before your latest Netflix binge, or the iconic red and yellow colors that you see before swinging through the drive thru — the quality and consistency of branding has […]