switching channels cx

Switching channels for a better CX

The other day, I was going on my computer and had to go through a process to verify my identity and needed to upload a picture of my driver’s license. The first thing I did was groan a little 😂.  This sounds like a pretty simple task but the workflow that I ended up doing […]

building apps for multiple salesforce campaigns

Building apps for multiple Salesforce campaigns

As a builder in Airkit, I’m often shocked by how many features or technical requests I’m asked to build into applications that would have taken weeks or months to properly build and scope for, and in Airkit I can have these built and incorporated into a tool by the end of the day. Take, for […]

consistent branding with airkit

Delivering consistent branding with Airkit

Great branding sticks with you. Whether it’s the static glow followed by an angelic choir that announces an HBO feature, the signature “ta-dum” that greets you before your latest Netflix binge, or the iconic red and yellow colors that you see before swinging through the drive thru — the quality and consistency of branding has […]

custom domains with airkit

Unlock the power of Custom Domains with Airkit

Domains perform mission-critical work quietly and consistently. When your customer types in your company’s website into their browser and they’re whisked away to the exact place they need to be, your domain is doing its job.  But, there’s no one-name fits all strategy for domains. Today, modern tech companies, insurance companies, and everyone in-between are […]

sicp problems

Solving the first three SICP problems with Airscript

Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of building in Airkit. This is largely because, as of March of last year, I work at Airkit, and so I need to be familiar with the platform for professional purposes. But it’s also because building in Airkit is a lot of fun. There’s a lot […]

create your own api

Create your own API with Airkit

REST APIs, at its core, are a means of communication. They allow for systems or applications to communicate and transfer data to one another. APIs are an integral part of the development of web services and make data digestible for a system, and allow you to write code to explicitly request data from a server.  […]

how to learn airkit

How to learn Airkit

Airkit is a low code platform that streamlines the process of building out customer experiences. While we pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can learn to build an application in Airkit, reaching a point where your applications are fully utilizing everything Airkit has to offer can take anywhere from a few hours to a […]

apis and systems airkit

Your APIs and systems connect to Airkit

All companies have existing systems that are critical to keeping the business running. In 2022, it’s more relevant than ever to make sure new software or tools can connect seamlessly with those systems. Good news for you, Airkit was built with integrations in mind from the very beginning. Beyond our core system integrations, Airkit also […]

airkit community site

The New Airkit Community Website

You ever feel like some support documentation doesn’t really answer a specific question you have? And how nice it is to find someone else asking the exact same question for a real problem you have? Well, you’re in luck this year because Airkit has something just for people like you.  We are pleased to announce […]