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digital self-service

How to provide digital self-service to your customers

With most, if not all, customers searching out the information they’re after on their own, businesses have to make sure they’re still guiding their customer’s experiences. A good place for business to start crafting digital self-service flows is at the intersection of high-volume, low-complexity interactions that have a high ROI return for businesses. For example, […]

health insurance claims process

Optimizing health insurance claims processes

In 2020, over 297 million people had some form of health insurance. The lion’s share of health insurance policies are provided and managed, not by a public institution, but by private insurers. So, how do those private institutions build the infrastructure to serve millions while managing such personal, important processes like health care claims?  To […]

airkit for financial services

How Airkit helps Banking and Financial Services

Finance is personal. Banks, financial institutions, and the clients they serve all want to keep it that way. Every customer wants to feel like the spotlight is on them, and only them, when they need help, or are just checking in on their accounts.  But, maintaining a personal touch while serving millions and millions of […]

automate loan status checks

How to automate loan status checks with Airkit

There are levels to loans. While some might classify covering the check at a dinner with friends as a kind of loan, the rest of the financial sector would beg to differ. Loans are complex, multi-step financial instruments. For both the loan provider and the loan recipient, it’s essential to keep track of the loan’s […]

wismo tracking

WISMO: How to build and manage “where is my order” tracking with Airkit

Over the past two years, many of us have been working, shopping, and doing just about everything else from home.  During that time, there was no greater thrill than getting that alert that something you ordered had finally shown up at your door.  Whether you ordered new fitness equipment, a new puffer jacket, or the […]


Looking back on Airkit customers’ success in 2021

Most businesses have the same destination in mind. They want to continually surprise and delight their customers to keep them coming back. But, the journey to get there looks a bit different depending on what industry you’re in, the level of scale you’re operating at, and what your customers need. This past year we had […]


How to measure digital CX – the critical metrics to track

It’s one thing to feel like you’re doing a great job of serving your customers. It’s another thing to know you’re doing just that. Data is the key to making sure your hunch is more than just a feeling. But, to gather that data, you need the right series of digital tools in place. If […]

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Step up your policy administration with self-service

Why providing digital self-service options is a win for you as an insurance provider and your customer.

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The top 3 ways to improve your insurance customer experience

Meet customer expectations for digital insurance with these top three recommendations from Airkit.