The Advantages of Low-Code

Airkit is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps businesses rapidly develop customer applications: “Crawford has already achieved a 20x reduction in development times while reducing total cost of ownership for app development by $13M over three years.” If you aren’t familiar with Airkit, or Low-Code in general, here are the benefits: 1) Reduce […]

Why Full Stack Devs love Airkit

Why Full Stack Developers ❤️ Airkit

Authors: Jeff Whitehead, CIO Airkit and Zhenyu Li, Staff Engineer, Airkit Many developers are skeptical of low code, as they have little or a previous negative experience with them (typically as too limiting in their capabilities), but Airkit is a different Low Code experience – designed for leverage and rapid development, with the power that […]


Embedding apps on websites and SaaS platforms

Have you ever wished to have the ability to modify or enhance a SaaS platform in a way that the vendor didn’t natively support? Airkit is a rapid development platform that can help you efficiently build and iterate whatever tooling you or your customers need, and display it exactly where you want it.  Airkit enhances […]

kyung bae experience architecture

From Customer to Teammate: Kyung Bae’s journey from MetLife Architect to Airkit

Today, Kyung Bae builds large-scale, complex solutions for Airkit customers. He specializes in dreaming up and building software tools that have an outsized impact. The type of tools that save Airkit users hours and hours of time while leveling up their company’s customer experience. But, his path to becoming Head of Solutions Engineering at Airkit […]

api gateways

Using API Gateway to deliver egress IPs with AWS and Terraform

Airkit IP-Ranges Here at Airkit, we provide an HTTP(s) endpoint ( that produces a JSON list of all possible egress IP addresses that traffic could use when establishing a connection between Airkit and any other external service. Hopefully one day the internet as a whole can move past deny/allow lists to full zero-trust security models. […]


Building an LSIF indexer for a low-code platform

Engineer Brian Shih shares his thoughts on what low-code is and takes us on his journey of building a LSIF (Language Server Index Format) indexer.

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Introducing Airkit Studio

Get the lowdown on building with low-code in Airkit Studio and the scoop on our latest product release, Kittyhawk.

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Developing with Airkit: How to Build an App in 5 Minutes

Follow along with Engineer Fabian Frank as he walks you through the Airkit platform and a quick app build.