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Airkit and Governance for Regulated Industries

Airkit and Governance for Regulated Industries

The market has spoken: There’s no longer any question that Software as a Service (SaaS) can quickly bring big value into your business. There are many advantages to SaaS, but there have also been adoption challenges which are especially acute for large enterprises and those operating in regulated industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and […]

economic downturn

A look at how low-code app development can help organizations get through the economic downturn

Businesses find themselves in a geopolitical, financial, and logistical story that’s changing everyday. In a time of economic uncertainty, efficiency and productivity are the keys to helping you weather the storm and keep pushing forward. Sometimes investing in the right tool is the answer to continued growth in hard times rather than scaling back on […]

automating kyc

Automating KYC (Know Your Customer)

All banks and financial institutions have to collect a new client’s critical data like their name, address, social security number, and date of birth. But, how they process, check, and respond to that data is up to each business. The multi-layered process of vetting your client, verifying their identity, and understanding their needs has made […]

omnichannel experience explained

The omnichannel experience explained

Being omnichannel-ready is no longer exceptional for today’s companies. It’s a necessity for any business to be able to view and learn from their customer’s whole journey. from A to Z, across channels. In each step, companies learn critical information about their customer’s preferences, their customer’s intentions, and how each channel is performing.  So what […]

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How to improve FNOL workflows and boost CSAT with Airkit 

Improve your digital insurance experience by automating the FNOL process.

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The top 3 ways to improve your insurance customer experience

Meet customer expectations for digital insurance with these top three recommendations from Airkit.

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The importance of going digital for customer onboarding and enrollment

Improve customer satisfaction, completion rates, and security with digital onboarding experiences.

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Ditch paper forms for digital workflows to improve customer satisfaction

Automate workflows, share data faster, and build the exact customer experience you want with digital forms.

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Boost sales conversion with digital appointment scheduling

Empower prospects to schedule a meeting themselves, on their own time, right when they’re interested.