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Acquiring a customer is expensive, but losing one is even more costly. Digital customer engagement can make or break a customer relationship, and according to Gartner, customer experience drives over 66% of customer loyalty, more than brand and price combined. As the main hub for customer interactions, a CX-centric and efficient contact center is vital to keeping your customers and keeping them happy. 

Unfortunately, running a contact center that is equipped to meet rising customer expectations for care, support, and digital self-service is no easy feat. To deliver the ideal digital experience for each customer, you need the right technology. Without these solutions, you’re likely to miss the mark on serving your customers and fail to drive revenue. 

Low-code platforms like Airkit help businesses from Fortune 500 companies to rapidly growing startups build, tailor, and deploy incredible digital experiences for any type of contact center. Airkit integrates with the leading CRMs and contact center platforms that you rely on, without requiring you to complete months of training or sift through arduous documentation. Using Airkit, companies are able to grow their business and meet customer expectations. 

Read on to learn how to turn your contact center into a revenue generator with the help of a CX solution like Airkit.

How to Build Great Contact Center CX

Deflect Calls to Self-Service

Airkit opens up a world of possibility for digitizing contact center customer experience, so getting started can initially be overwhelming. Let’s begin with automating your Tier 1 support for a quick, easy win. 

Using IVR deflection, businesses can offload low-value agent tasks while improving customer satisfaction. According to American Express, over 60% of consumers say their go-to for simple requests is a digital self-service tool like a website, mobile app, or online chat. Airkit empowers you to build responsive self-service options across these channels, where your customers can update information, make a payment, create a support ticket, or get answers to common questions. You can see how Turo used Airkit to improve routine customer interactions here

As much as customers love these journeys, businesses should love them more. Digital self-service lightens the load on contact center teams, reduces human error, doubles agent efficiency, and results in higher ROI, as Airkit customer Reusability experienced. In just the first 8 months of using Airkit, Reusability realized a 140% increase in ROI. Read the full story here

Proactively Engage Customers

Your contact center doesn’t have to (and should not) be reactionary. It’s more than a place for you to work on bringing customer calls to resolution. It can also be a tool for proactive outreach to customers based on key actions that indicate a critical moment in the customer lifecycle. 

Using Airkit, you can trigger a message, call, or push notification to customers based on contextual, real-world behavior. Airkit seamlessly integrates with the CRM tools you use today like Salesforce and Zendesk, making it easy to customize outreach based on a customer’s name, the lifetime value of their account, their location, or other insights. 

For happy customers, this might look like triggering upsell or cross-sell offers based on past behavior or preempting payment or account information updates prior to a renewal to reduce involuntary churn. You can also automate customer feedback collection to identify unsatisfied customers and work to improve their experience prior to them churning voluntarily. 

Serve Up Personalized Experiences

Personalization is key to retention and renewal. Customers are increasingly expecting higher levels of tailored interactions, but engaging with the right customer at the right time and across their preferred channel can be a challenge. The biggest mistakes a contact center team can make are a) failing to collect customer insights and b) failing to use those insights to power future engagements. A solution like Airkit ensures that, through CRM integration, each customer is served a unique digital experience.

Without using the right tool, finding and leveraging those customer insights can waste the valuable time of a contact center agent. Instead of switching between platforms, sifting through different systems of record that don’t agree with each other, and hoping to get back to a customer in time, Airkit centralizes everything agents need to serve customers intelligently and efficiently. 

Airkit hooks into your backend systems to provide the information that forms the conversational context between agents and customers. And, Airkit can serve that information up to agents via screenpop the moment a customer calls in. With the right information in the right place at the right time, agents can deliver more personalized experiences to customers and reduce the time it takes to bring a call to resolution, ultimately improving CSAT and increasing operational efficiency.

Communicate Across All Channels

Additionally, not all customers prefer to engage with you across the same communication channel. Omnichannel messaging is absolutely critical to customer retention and renewal. Airkit gives you the power to process customer payments and renewals as part of a self service flow kicked off by a custom link sent to customers via email or SMS. This puts your customer in control, speeds up the renewal process, and eliminates logistical and UX barriers between that customer and account renewal.

If a customer needs to talk to an agent about their account, Airkit makes it easy for them to get connected by offering self-serve call scheduling, preventing unnecessary, costly traffic to your contact center. Airkit also enables you to automate channel switching, from voice to a lower-cost channel, to engage customers without losing context and data.

Build Digital Experiences 40x Faster

You might think constructing all the aforementioned digital experiences requires a hefty investment on the engineering side. Thanks to low-code, however, that’s not the case. 

Relying on engineering resources to build hyper-personalized customer experiences can take months, slowing time-to-market and innovation. Airkit’s low-code customer engagement platform allows IT and Ops teams to launch new digital experiences with fully automated workflows in just days using 50 plus building blocks for customer journeys. Whether you’re making a brand-new experience or customizing Airkit’s pre-built templates, creating modern digital experiences for voice, chat, and web can be achieved all without writing code. You can find out more about low-code and whether it’s right for your organization here

Experience the Airkit Difference

The power of a better-engineered contact center is as plain as day when you track how it impacts customer experience and CSAT. You can measure it in revenue, too. Companies that improve their customer journeys experience a 10-15% increase in revenue and a 15-20% decrease in cost. Companies that adopt Airkit see millions in annualized income unlocked, agent efficiency double, and their development cycles speed up by 40x. That’s the power of Airkit. Unlock it and change the way your contact operates today. 

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