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We can’t blame you if you’re skeptical. Misconceptions around low-code abound despite the significant benefits of this technology. Stick around. We’ll bust three of the most common myths about low-code platforms. 

What is Low-Code Development?

In the world of software development, there are two kinds of people: those who know what they’re doing and the rest of us. If you’re in the latter category, software development is one of the things you’ve probably assumed is forever out of your reach. 

Low-code changes everything. Just as the name implies, low-code or no-code development allows users to create software graphically, without the need to write code in the process. These platforms provide users with the tools to design an application or system.

Why It’s a Big Deal

The benefits low-code platforms provide cannot be ignored. These systems will prove invaluable for busy customer support teams designing modern experiences. 

First, think about the speed of deployment. Thanks to low-code platforms, new applications and systems can be created by non-engineers. In the context of CX, business leaders are empowered to quickly launch customer-facing digital apps that save time and money. 

As you may well know, development resources are notoriously scarce. Engineers are constantly busy and often can’t prioritize CX projects. If customer-obsessed teams don’t have to wait for engineering cycles, they can quickly test and refine innovative ways to delight customers. For instance, new digital self-service apps allow customers to solve problems themselves, minimizing tedious tasks contact center agents must handle. 

Lastly, low-code affords companies more control over the final product. New digital applications are tailored by teams intimately familiar with customers’ needs and expectations. Non-technical team members are highly motivated when given the power to build exactly the tools they need. Then, as the company changes, these systems can adjust accordingly. 

More and more companies are realizing the potential of this technology. Unfortunately, some are deterred because of a handful of misconceptions.

Low-Code Myths

Myth #1: Low-code platforms are suitable for individual users and SMB firms, not large enterprises. Also, this technology isn’t usually applied to customer-facing apps.

Reality: Just because something hasn’t always been done, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It’s true that low-code platforms have traditionally been applied to internal systems, but the untapped potential for CX purposes is huge. Typically, the larger the enterprise, the greater the cost-cutting impact of CX apps that automate tedious tasks. 

Just think back to your last bad customer experience. Chances are, you didn’t have a terribly complicated question or request. If the company in question had empowered its team to create a more seamless digital experience, you could have avoided frustration. 

Myth #2: Allowing companies to create digital applications without engineering help sounds great in theory, but starting from scratch is difficult. 

Reality: Users don’t have to start from scratch with low-code platforms. For example, Airkit offers pre-built templates for different industries and goals. Companies we work with can start with templates, then customize as they test and refine. Customizing these templates is still simple, so users aren’t confined to one way of doing things. 

Myth #3: Low-code or no-code can’t work with native apps. 

Reality: Incorrect! The Airkit platform works with both iOS and Android. Companies can leverage Airkit’s SDK to embed our experience into their native app, then interchange what is shown. This way, users don’t have to re-submit the app for approval or rely on development cycles. 

Begin Your Journey

Make 2020 the year you empower your teams with a low-code customer experience builder. If you wait until this strategy becomes standard practice, you’ll be behind the curve.

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