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Great branding sticks with you. Whether it’s the static glow followed by an angelic choir that announces an HBO feature, the signature “ta-dum” that greets you before your latest Netflix binge, or the iconic red and yellow colors that you see before swinging through the drive thru — the quality and consistency of branding has a major impact on your business. We here at Airkit appreciate stellar branding, so we’ve made it easy to keep your branding consistent across any and every customer experience Airkit powers. 

Companies like OpenTable, Bench, Outdoorsy and others rely on Airkit to help them connect with customers across mobile and web experiences. Those customers might be live chatting with an agent on their phones, booking an appointment from their desktop, or logging into their account to make a repeat order. Across all of those interactions, companies want to make sure they always want to put their best foot forward and deliver consistent branding. But, how do you do it in a scalable way?

 Airkit’s out-of-the-box tools

Airkit’s branding tools give companies both high-level, broad control of their brand across interactions, and granular control over each header, footer, and logo that define the design of those interactions. 

Using Airkit’s Web Flows Builder, you can scalably manage and streamline your design assets. That means that you can dictate which layouts you build, styling conventions you craft, and logo variants you design should be used at what time. 

For example, using Airkit’s App Header feature you can create a design asset to appear at the header and footer of any mobile experience you offer to your customers. When you launch a new App Header the newly updated design asset can be deployed across the experiences you’ve already built for your customers and used in the future experiences you build for your customers. 

This means that you can avoid the dreaded ping from a coworker who found an old version of your company logo on a forgotten website squirreled away in your site nav. Airkit’s tools make it easy to find, select, and update branding in one go.

The design side of things 

Let’s say your coworkers are Airkit wizards. They know how to set up marketing flows, sales automation, and self-serve experiences for your customers using Airkit. But, they’re not quite design savvy. Using Airkit’s Theme Builder feature, you can set custom defaults for any new app your coworkers build. That way when they’re adding features to the app like buttons or CTAs, those assets are already on brand and ready to deploy. 

When you feel like those defaults you built within Theme Builder need an upgrade, you can modify your existing designs easily. Test out color, font, and graphic combinations within Airkit’s Web Builder before pushing those changes live. Adding a new theme is as simple as saving it as a JSON and uploading it into another app’s Theme Builder

Airkit is here to help

Branding is always an important aspect for businesses of all sizes. Airkit gives you the tools you need to make a lasting impression with your customers, across pixels, push notifications, web apps and wherever else you do business.

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