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Expense reports, insurance claims, or work reports are vitally important to a business. But, the speed at which they’re completed and processed shouldn’t be determined by how fast you can find a pen or a printer. 

Today, businesses are increasingly moving away from paper forms and toward digital ones. That’s because the true value of a form is determined by the data it contains and what you can do with that data. Using digital forms, you can automate workflows, share data faster, and build the exact customer experience you had in mind. Paper forms, on the other hand, lock that data inside a less than flexible medium and often require you to manage costly manual workflows. 

Airkit helps businesses digitize forms to take control of their business, save money, and offer a better customer experience. Using Airkit’s low-code Digital Customer Experience platform, businesses are able to connect digital forms, and the data they contain, to their larger digital ecosystem.

Now, businesses like MetLife and others can tie the data from digital forms into conversational chatbot flows, automated notifications to customers, API integrations with CRMs and databases, and more.

Let’s dive into why companies are switching to digital forms. 

The benefit of moving from pen to pixels 

Your average insurance provider has to process an absolutely incredible amount of forms on a day-to-day basis. At scale, the speed and efficiency of form processing can have a profound impact on customer satisfaction and an insurance provider’s bottom line. 

Let’s use a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claim as an example of the difference between paper and digital forms. In this scenario, let’s imagine a customer just had a minor accident and needs to report the damage. 

The cost of paper forms 

The first thing the customer is likely to do is call their insurance provider. If the insurance company is reliant on paper forms, the customer will have to wait to be sent those forms, fill them out, then send them in to the insurance company before being able to formally start a claim or documenting any damage. This process could take weeks, and all the while the customer is likely calling their insurance provider asking for updates. 

This taxing experience can lower customer satisfaction while also costing an insurance company money. The time that customer spends on hold looking for an update quickly adds up in cost. Additionally, the time a claims adjuster spends trying to track down paper forms, enter in vital data, and get that data processed slows down the whole operation. 

Using digital forms, things run much more smoothly for both the customer and the insurance provider. 

The value of digital forms 

Digital forms give the insurance company and customer more control over their journey. Let’s think back to the moment after the customer’s accident. Using Airkit, that insurance provider could field the customer’s call to report damage and send them a text with a link to a digital form.

Using the digital form, the customer can start the FNOL claim right then and there, providing essential data and even photos of the damage to the insurance provider using their phone. 

When the customer submits the form, Airkit sends that information directly to the insurance company and stores it in their CRM or database of choice. Now, the claims adjuster can find the information they’re looking for easily. Instead of sifting through documents, they can search for the information they need with just a few clicks. 

MetLife enhances their CX with digital forms

Leading insurance provider, MetLife, used Airkit to digitize their Statement of Health form to great effect. Here are the results the insurer:

  • 4/5 customers were satisfied or highly satisfied with MetLife’s SOH experience.
  • Digitization improved form completion rates by 50% compared to previous paper SOH processes.
  • 99% of SOH submissions were completed online versus using paper forms.

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