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Businesses find themselves in a geopolitical, financial, and logistical story that’s changing everyday. In a time of economic uncertainty, efficiency and productivity are the keys to helping you weather the storm and keep pushing forward. Sometimes investing in the right tool is the answer to continued growth in hard times rather than scaling back on business investments to save dollars.

Airkit’s low-code digital experience platform helps businesses use the power of automation to empower employees, increase workplace efficiency, and drive success by creating seamless interactions between the customer and business throughout all stages of interactions.

The difference between investing and executing

Unlocking the power of CX automation takes a two pronged approach — investment and strategy. 62% of companies polled by Forrester reported increasing their investments in customer service. That’s a great start, but it demands a follow up. 

Max Ball, Principal Analyst at Forrester, underscores that it’s not enough to just invest in CX, it’s about investing the right way. “The path to transformative customer engagement is a series of small, cost-effective steps that add up to a significantly better customer experience, each with its own solid ROI and benefit to the bottom line.” 

If you’re using the wrong tools, then those small steps might be harder to take. You need a tool that meets users where they are. Airkit lets technically experienced users get started instantly, and newer users develop their skill set fast.

Let’s take a look at one industry. For insurance companies, automation is a game changer, as Bain shows in their infographic studying the cost savings of insurance companies who adopt automation.  It’s helping the insurance industry cut down on contact center costs while still increasing CSAT. From claims reporting, to generating price quotes for policies, to managing billing, using automation in a customer-centric way has changed the way they operate.

We have already seen this firsthand. Our customer, Crawford, has launched digital self-service and customer experience automation realizing a 20x reduction in app development times while also reducing total cost of ownership for app development by $13M the next 3 years. These automated communications are projected to increase customer connection rates with claims adjusters by 2-3x! This really shows the power of automation when you can achieve these types of results at a large established organization in less than a year.

Business — It’s personal

Any business’s stumbling block feels specific and unique to their organization. They’re experiencing a common issue within the context of their organization. It’s their call center agents who might not be able to easily access critical customer data on a call. It’s their platform that their engineers are working hard to keep PCI-compliant. It’s their automated scheduling system that they maintain to make sure their customers can schedule. It’s their budget that’s taxed when they invest in an overly complex solution that doesn’t actually solve the root cause of an issue. 

Processes always feel personal because they are. They impact CSAT and define a company’s growth arc. Having a platform purpose-built to address specific problems that feel unique and personal to one business can be the game changer you need at this time. Airkit acts as that turnkey solution for thousands of companies, but feels more like a house key to each user.

When the going gets tough, the tough start optimizing

To businesses, their employees, their customers, and everyone in-between, this economic downturn feels personal, too. 

The World Bank reported global growth will fall from 5.7% in 2021 to 2.9% this year. And with global turmoil and the pandemic stretching onward, the level of per capita income in developing economies will be 5% below its pre-pandemic trend.

This obviously changes the landscape in which businesses operate. Airkit is built to make that change more manageable, and scalable. The problem Airkit solves is providing an easy-to-use low-code platform to build functional applications fast, whether you’re a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise. Regardless of your resources, or the size of your organization, Airkit gives you the means to control your velocity. With Airkit, you can still capitalize on customer trends even if your engineering resources bandwidth, headcount, or budget have been affected by the economic downturn.

Democratizing the ability to act within your organization

By streamlining your existing processes, you can make the most of every customer experience. That could mean rolling out one-click appointment scheduling with Airkit so your customers can connect with your sales department on their own time. It could mean sending secure SMS updates to customers as their insurance claim progresses. These seemingly small improvements and additions to customer flows can have a big organizational impact. Airkit gives organizations, and the employees, the freedom to make the changes that count. 

Using a low-code digital experience platform, organizations can democratize the power to make impactful updates to processes and customer experiences. Instead of vying to rally enough engineering resources to roll out a new marketing flow, waiting to ship a new sales campaign, or hoping you can turn on your company’s firehose of data and route it to the right teams, you can take control with Airkit. 

You can spin up a new UX flow to boost sign ups like Airkit customer, Bench or onboard more customers like SkipTheDishes. In turn, engineering can focus on investing their time on mission critical services that are foundational to your business.

The most important metric

Airkit believes customer experience is more than a feeling at the end of an interaction. It’s the most essential part of your business. It’s a measurement of your business’s ability to meet your customers where they are and exceed their expectations. Whether the larger economy is on an upward climb or bearing a downward turn, the power to positively affect CSAT is in your hands. Airkit strives to be the tool that enables any and all businesses to provide world-class experiences and customer support.

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