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Whether a customer has been loyal to their insurance company for years or they just signed up a month ago, their relationship with their insurance provider truly begins when they have to file a claim.

The quality of experience a customer has in filing, tracking, and resolving a claim, like a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claim, massively impacts how satisfied they are with their insurer. Too many insurance providers risk customer churn and miss the opportunity to build customer loyalty by relying on manual processes, paper forms, and data entry. 

Insurance companies require modern tools to keep up with their customers’ expectations when it comes to customer service. Faxing, mailing, and scanning forms seem anachronistic to most of us. We’re used to operating in a digital environment where we can do anything from sign contracts to open bank accounts online. So, what’s stopping insurance companies from adopting a similar, digital-first strategy? 

Airkit gives insurance companies the power to digitize and streamline their organizations without requiring an IT overhaul or sacrificing flexibility. Using Airkit, insurance companies can improve critical areas of their business, like FNOL claims, to cut down on costs and drastically improve CSAT. 

Making the switch from paper to digital processes 

A great FNOL claim experience depends on the insurance company and customer being on the same timeline and on the same page. 

When it’s fast and easy for a customer to collect and communicate key information to their insurance company, their information will be more accurate and the insurance company will be able to process their claim more quickly. When a customer has to search for a fax machine, scan pictures they printed from their phone, or mail paperwork in, the accuracy of their information and quality of their experience suffers. 

Insurance companies who rely on manual and analog processes create an information gap between themselves and their customer. As agents attempt to enter data manually and process forms they’ve received in the mail, customers are eager to check on the status of their claim. With no avenue to check on the claim in an asynchronous manner that doesn’t require an agent, customers call in. This quickly adds up in contact center and CSAT costs as customers wait on hold only to be told their claim is still in the works. Using digital tools, the FNOL process is much smoother and more transparent. 

Building a better FNOL flow with Airkit 

Airkit’s digital CX platform connects to insurance companies’ backend systems used to log critical information like claims, seamlessly ferrying information from customer to company. It also connects to insurers’ frontend systems, allowing them to adopt new omnichannel avenues of communication like live chat, email, and SMS, in just a few clicks. 

Using Airkit, insurance providers can offer digital, self-serve FNOL claim flows and self-serve updates about those claims. So, when a customer has an accident, they can call their insurance company to be directed to a mobile or desktop-friendly FNOL workflow. The customer can then choose whether they’d like to be sent that link via email or SMS and begin completing that form. 

With a digital-powered FNOL claim flow, a customer could take pictures of an accident, record critical information an agent needs to process that claim, and submit it to their insurance company straight from their phone while still at the scene of the accident. 

This not only gives a customer a sense of control in their claims processing, but it also saves insurance companies from encountering common errors resulting from inaccurate data entry. Airkit simply sends the information entered in by a customer straight to the insurance company, ensuring nothing’s lost in translation. 

When a customer wants to check on their claim, they don’t have to speak with an agent. They can simply use the same type of digital self-serve experience to enter in their details and receive a status update. This saves insurance companies incredible amounts of money in both contact center costs and agent productivity. 

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