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It’s one thing to feel like you’re doing a great job of serving your customers. It’s another thing to know you’re doing just that. Data is the key to making sure your hunch is more than just a feeling. But, to gather that data, you need the right series of digital tools in place.

If you’re using legacy software to operate your business, you likely have little insight into how key areas of your business are operating on a granular level. Maybe you’re looking for insight into an area your legacy software can’t, or doesn’t measure. Or, maybe the simple act of measuring a key component of your business simply takes too long. 

For example, let’s say you’re using legacy call center technology. This legacy provider might only export your call center data showing your average call handle time or CSAT once a month. That lag in critical data means you’re looking through your rear view mirror while trying to drive your business forward. 

Digital CX tools like Airkit give you the power to keep your eyes on what’s ahead and use comprehensive data to guide your business decisions. Airkit helps businesses switch from legacy providers and start measuring and monitoring critical data points like CSAT, NPS, call handle time and much more.

Whether you’re running a thriving car sharing business, operating a heralded insurance company, or helping restaurants reach their customers in new ways, Airkit’s data is vital to helping businesses get a sense of what’s working and what’s not. Here are the metrics that can help you determine that. 


Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics you can measure. A great way to increase CSAT is to allow your customer to choose the journey that fits their needs best. For example, Airkit customer, Agero, uses a self-serve web-based flow in addition to SMS notifications to help Agero customers in need of roadside assistance report the site of their accident, request help, and stay updated on where their tow or road service operator is. 

Adding these new avenues of outreach not only helped Agero increase their CSAT scores by giving their customers more choice, it also helped Agero measure how happy their customers were with their new Airkit implementation. Using Airkit, you can easily add surveys and response collection flows to get a tangible and timely sense of how your customers feel about your business. 

Call Handle Time

Solely relying on your contact center as the only way for your customers to get in touch with your business puts a tremendous amount of stress on your contact center agents. If a business is using a legacy call center and customer service platform, phone support might be a customers’ only option simply because that business’s legacy software makes it too difficult or too expensive to add new avenues of support. In this classic scenario, businesses usually see sky high call handle times.

After switching to a digital-first CX platform, businesses are able to reduce their call handle time while providing a stellar level of support. Using digital CX flows, customers can submit vital data like their name, order number, and issue type to the business before they hop on the phone with an agent. Now, when that customer calls in, Airkit has ferried that vital information to the agent’s call center software, giving them the contextual information they need to hit the ground running and serve customers faster while reducing call handle time. 

Call Deflection rates

A customer with an issue might not necessarily want to talk to an agent. They just want their problem solved as quickly as possible. Airkit’s call deflection tools allow customers to switch from an IVR experience to a self-serve digital experience easily. This reduces contact center costs and speeds up time-to-resolution for customers. 

Autoreturn leveraged SMS and digital self-serve flows to deflect traffic from their call center and serve their customers faster. Now, instead of waiting to speak with an agent to get an update on where their car is after it may have been towed, customers can call in, be sent a link via SMS, and check on the status of their car right from their phones. With Airkit, Autoreturn deflected 38% of calls and drove their overall call volume down by over 20%.

Completion rates of any experience

Getting your customer to the finish line of their experience while making sure the path is well manicured along the way is difficult, but incredibly important. Using new channels like SMS, self-serve flows, and more to help your customer pick the path that’s best for them can help you drive up CSAT and gather more information about your customers’ preferences so you can deliver on them. 

Airkit is built to help you spot those areas for growth, iterate to your customers needs, and make your business more successful. We’re happy to show you how to get started.

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