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Written by Zack Cohen, Developer Advocacy

Today we are excited to introduce Airkit Studio to the masses. We are opening access to Studio to anyone who wants to sign up for an account, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!

Our mission at Airkit is to empower companies to build experiences their customers love. These digital customer journeys can be created through Airkit Studio. Until now, the only way to get access to Studio was through interaction with our team. Today, we are opening up access to our development platform to anyone interested.

What is Airkit Studio?

Airkit Studio is where developers build personalized CX journeys. Use the studio to create voice bots, chatbots, and custom web flows, configure data models and connections to external systems of record, or theme apps to match branding and imagery. All of this has been the goal of Airkit Studio from the beginning, and we’re especially excited to announce the Kittyhawk release of Studio.

What is Kittyhawk?

With this release, Studio now includes 50+ templates for building customer journeys with our introduction of KitCloud

KitCloud is a library of many different templates for common CX use cases. With KitCloud, it is possible to start creating a journey from a template and customize with company branding and other flows. Instead of starting from scratch, KitCloud starts developers off further down the app development lifecycle. KitCloud allows developers to create apps faster! 

In addition to templates, Studio allows for interaction with established third parties. Integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Twilio, and Stripe have been part of the platform. Now we are introducing additional integrations with Talkdesk, Heap, and Plaid. Integrations allow developers to easily connect to the systems of record your company is already using, making it possible to insert an Airkit Customer Experience without disrupting your existing workflow.

Hidden behind the scenes is the real power of the Airkit platform. Airkit’s environment seamlessly connects user information across three different channels: voice, chat, and web. This environment allows for experiences that are linked between channels and gives customers consistent experiences. No longer do customers have to supply their information multiple times on a service call. Omnichannel session state empowers contact centers with tools to help the existing team to function smarter and faster, enabling companies to scale with technology instead of headcount.

In addition to the new enhancements, Studio still features out-of-the-box previewing and debugging with App Preview, showing the app experience on various form factors with a view of fired events and of current and past states. Profiles allow for distinct Development, QA, and Production environments. App Preview makes it possible for you to test each aspect of the omnichannel experience: chat, voice, and web.

Once complete, apps can be published with just one click! Security, compliance, and scalability are built right into the Airkit platform and come as part of the package.

Who Is Airkit Studio For?

As we continue to develop Airkit Studio, the goal is that more and more people will build out CX experiences that wow customers. Anyone with some front-end experience and familiarity with Excel should be able to walk in and build fully custom experiences. Once created, anyone with marketing or design experience can come in and update imagery, text, colors, and fonts.

Bench Accounting, North America’s largest bookkeeping service and a Deloitte Fast 50 Technology company, was able to leverage Airkit to build a customer onboarding experience in less than a month. In the words of Bench’s Sr. Manager of Inbound Marketing, Dennis Pavlina, “ Airkit’s platform has 50 building blocks and preconfigured templates which make it easy to build and test workflows in weeks instead of months.” 

Why Now?

We have been working on the framework behind the platform since the beginning, and we’re now very excited to share our free trial program.  We have added many templates to help new users get started and made many user interface refinements to clarify how to construct your first apps. These enhancements lower the learning curve to a level where anyone with some front-end development experience can understand how to set up and build great CX.

How to Get Started?

To sign up for your Studio account:

  1. Visit our free trial registration page
  2. Enter your information, and Airkit will send a login to your email.
  3. Create a password from the link in the email. You’ll then be redirected to Airkit Studio to start building!

For information on getting started, check out this video on how to build your first app in 10 minutes. For additional resources and information on the platform, visit

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