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You ever feel like some support documentation doesn’t really answer a specific question you have? And how nice it is to find someone else asking the exact same question for a real problem you have? Well, you’re in luck this year because Airkit has something just for people like you. 

We are pleased to announce our new Community Website which will help bring together all the nitty-gritty questions surrounding Airkit and show you how to succeed with customer experiences. This is a forum to assist our ever-expanding Support Website with an area for users and the Airkit Developer Advocate team to congregate and help build multichannel journeys together! This community is open to all parties that want to learn how to delight customers and provide a frictionless world that all customers desire but no one else has stepped up to conquer.

Whether you’re a coder or not, Airkit is here to help you on your journey.

Why do we have a Community Website?

Airkit’s mission is to “empower companies to build experiences customers love”. We want to help all CX professionals, relevant stakeholders, and companies striving for a stronger customer experience come together, collaborate on big solutions, and build better digital experiences for the world. In the long run, we imagine this becoming a self-serve solutions hub for everything Airkit which can primarily be run by you, our Airkit champions!

Airkit’s Support Website will still continue to rollout necessary documentation for you to be up to date on new features and releases. But now you can ask questions in a different manner to get the answers directly from the people who built Airkit or other customers of Airkit that have run into the same issues you are dealing with. The more the merrier, right?

What is actually in the Community Website?

So what’s really in the community? Here is a quick list to break it down for you:

  1. How To: In this section there will be actual discussions around how to build different useful applications in the studio. This can range from metrics reporting to different authentication setups. If you are having issues yourself, this is where you can provide screenshots and videos to ask the community.
  2. Show and Tell: This is a handy section to find all the best practices and tips from our community. It’s helpful to also check out this area to see if someone found a better way to do something you’re struggling with. All learnings are welcome here!
  3. Airscript: Here is a place to find out what Airscript can do, as well as ask any questions you have around transforming and parsing data with Airscript. Airscript is our very own programming language used to transform data across customer journeys, so feel free to check in here if you aren’t familiar with these.
  4. Feature Requests: This is a fun one! Do you feel Airkit is missing something that could be powerful for your business or customers? Here is your chance to submit anything that is missing in Airkit’s platform that you think will make digital experiences even better. The Airkit Team checks in on these messages to add to our roadmap, so submit as many as you like!
  5. General: Unsure of where to put your topic or question? This General section is a catch-all for any topics that may not fit into other existing categories we’ve built out. We understand it can be hard to know where to drop a question into a new community, so think of this as the safe place for anything.

Community Website wrapped up

We think the Community Website is a nice new addition to the ongoing expansion of support for our Airkit customers. This community will only be powerful for everyone if we get the champions of Airkit participating in it. We’d love to hear more from you! Come contribute to our new community and help make digital customer experiences something to be proud of.

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