Blog/Company News/New and Need to Know: The Airkit Developer Site

Written by Zack Cohen, Developer Advocacy

As members of the Airkit team, we’re familiar with and excited about the possibilities our platform unlocks. We realized that in order for customers and partners to be equally as excited about Airkit, we needed better supporting documentation. We understand that our success as we grow greatly depends on how well we can empower our customers to use our platform and build on their own. While documentation is currently available on our support website, our users regularly reach out to us with questions about how to use the platform. We want you to know that we’ve heard you.

Introducing This site hosts our most complete, up-to-date platform and tool documentation. It contains both reference materials and instructional information on how to get the most out of the Studio and Airscript.

Want to know how our IF() function works? Or how to integrate with Zendesk? These are just a couple of examples of guidance you’ll find on

At Airkit, we’re all about enabling you to create first-class, personalized digital customer interactions. We are committed to continually adding and improving this page to help our Airkit builders deliver the best customer experiences possible.

Happy building!

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