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Domains perform mission-critical work quietly and consistently. When your customer types in your company’s website into their browser and they’re whisked away to the exact place they need to be, your domain is doing its job. 

But, there’s no one-name fits all strategy for domains. Today, modern tech companies, insurance companies, and everyone in-between are following best practices by setting custom domains for discrete parts of their customers’ overall experience.

Airkit lets you do just that, giving you granular control over every app you publish and every domain associated with each application. With more freedom to design your domain architecture the way you want across the network of Airkit apps powering your experiences, the more you can optimize your customers’ experience. 


Custom Domain Example

Let’s say you have a custom guitar shop and you’re trying to get new email subscribers or first time buyers to schedule an appointment with one of your salespeople so they can better understand what your customers’ needs are. That effort might involve an email campaign to generate awareness, a self-serve appointment scheduling flow for customers to book time with a salesperson, and an SMS auto reply confirming the appointment. 

How do you make sure you’re tracking how customers move from one experience to the next securely and seamlessly? That’s where custom domains come in. 

Airkit lets you connect an unlimited number of domains to your Console to prevent XSRF vulnerabilities and customize the path for each experience. For example, the scheduling confirmation page a customer sees after they’ve booked an appointment might have the domain: The first domain a user sees before scheduling an appointment might be The choice is yours. 

To make the entire customer experience more cohesive, you can use your custom domains to send emails to customers. So, that awareness email campaign could come from Your next follow up emails that you schedule to send if things go radio silent between you and your customer could come from another new alias. Segmenting email traffic based on a particular domain and use case can help increase deliverability rates, and make it easier for you to segment and track the performance of your campaigns.  

You can unlock the power of your existing domains and add new ones using Airkit.

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