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We’ve all grown used to getting the information we need fast, if not instantly. Even the most obscure answer to an expert-level trivia question is a quick Google away. But what if you’re looking for details about something more important and more specialized like a property listing? 

Premier Properties, a full-service commercial real estate firm based in the Bay Area, found the answer to that question with Airkit.

They moved from the highly manual, time-consuming process of providing prospective clients with the property information they were after over the phone to giving clients access to those details at any time and on any device using a self-service flow.

With Airkit, Premier Properties built a seamless, scalable way of managing inbound leads while delighting their customers in the process. This is how they did it. 

The Game of Telephone

When Premier Properties’ phone rang, Jesse Ebner, Vice President at Premier Properties, had a pretty good idea of who was calling and what their conversation would be like. 

The client on the phone had most likely seen a sign outside of a commercial property at any one of Premier Properties’ buildings available for lease or purchase throughout the Bay Area. Interested clients would call the number on that sign to inquire for details like the price per square foot, floor plan, or leasing documents. Earlier this year, the phone in Jesse’s office was ringing off the hook with inquiries. 

Spending 3 to 4 hours a day fielding leads is a great problem for any property business to have, but it is still a problem. Jesse found herself spending more and more time staffing the phone lines to provide clients with the context they needed before scheduling a property showing or meeting with her team. The constant calls prevented Jesse from focusing on what she’s best at — closing deals for customers.   

Using Airkit, Jesse was able to bring her focus back to her most impactful work while improving potential clients’ customer experience. 

Serving Customers with Speed

Speed is key to customer happiness when it comes to property inquiries. When clients request details on a property, they want that relevant information as quickly as possible. Of course, how they get that information counts — whether it’s sent via email, passed along via text, or communicated over the phone. The time it takes for them to get those critical details, however, matters most. 

When one client gets stuck waiting on hold for the information they need, their customer experience suffers. Airkit’s low-code, SaaS platform gives Premier Properties an easy, automated way to ensure clients get the information they’re after in an instant

Automating High-Traffic Interactions with Airkit

Premier Properties’ clients now have a new way to get the information they need quickly. Let’s say a client sees a property they’re interested in and notices Premier Properties’ for sale or for rent sign. Now, they have 2 options. They can scan a QR code on the sign which takes them to a custom webpage for that very property. There, they can look at the property’s price and other critical details as well as see other similar properties. 

Clients can also call the number on the for sale or for rent sign, but Jesse might not be the one to pick up. Now, when clients call Premier Properties’ leasing line, they’ll hear a recorded prompt from Jesse, informing them that they can have an Airkit-powered link texted or emailed to them. That link contains all the details they’re after, offering clients an easy way to learn more about properties and select the one they’re most interested in.

“We use Airkit to provide faster service to clients, deflecting 9 out of 10 calls with digital self-service while accelerating our sales cycle,” says Jesse. 

Using Airkit, 89% of Premier Properties’ clients calling in are able to self-serve and find the information they’re after, without having to wait to talk to Jesse.  

The new Airkit-powered solution not only works for clients, but it also works for the Premier Properties team. As part of the Airkit self-service flow, clients can provide the basic information Jesse and her team require before following up and finding the right fit for a client’s property needs. 

Now, Jesse has all vital contextual information necessary to provide a better customer experience, all before her first direct contact with a client. From the client’s name and email to the ideal dollar per square foot they’re looking for, Airkit ferries the information provided by the client to Premier Properties’ CRM. Using this automated, Airkit-powered process, Jesse can follow up with more clients, faster.

Building for the Future with Airkit

Jesse spends less time on the phone these days. When she is on the phone, she’s most likely finalizing property deals and ensuring clients have everything they need. There’s no replacing the personal interaction between a client and the Premier Properties team, but now, using a self-service flow and a customer-first model, Premier Properties has more time to make sure every phone call counts.

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