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Finding the right policy is personal. When customers shop for insurance, they’re shopping for a plan that suits them and protects their family or loved ones. Rather than prioritizing one brand over another, customers prioritize their needs and the quality of experience they have during their policy search.

Tia reports that 68% of insurance consumers didn’t have a company in mind when policy shopping. What sets one insurer apart from another is their digital customer experience. Today, leading insurance companies are leveraging digital CX platforms like Airkit to improve CSAT, cut down on customer hold times, and increase conversion rates across channels. 

The challenge self service is built to solve 

Managing thousands and thousands of customer inquiries and customer leads at the same time can be difficult for insurers. They have to be able to act swiftly across multiple channels to greet a new customer, provide a policy update to an existing customer, and process and store all of the data from those interactions. 

Digital self-service flows have proven to help insurance companies provide a personal experience to customers at scale while helping their call center and support staff work more efficiently. 

Customer enrollment with digital CX

Using digital self-service flows, insurers can speed up customer onboarding, increase the number of high quality calls going to agents, and cut down on contact center costs. Airkit’s digital CX platform orchestrates and connects CX journeys across mediums. 

Customers see their interactions with an insurer across web, mobile, and phone as parts of a whole. So, if an insurer has to ask a customer for their name, date of birth, and address across all three of those mediums, that will cause friction and reduce the odds of that customer converting. Insurance providers need to preserve the context of each interaction across each channel. 

When a customer is shopping for insurance, they move from channel to channel as their interest in a particular provider peaks. Tia reports that over 50% of insurance searches take place on mobile devices. Those customers are more likely to call an insurer when they move closer to the purchase phase. To make the most of that interest, insurers need to provide timely support and a thoughtful experience. 

Instead of hoping there’s no wait time to reach an agent when that customer calls in, insurers can use self-service appointment scheduling, powered by Airkit, to make sure you connect with that customer. 

Before that customer calls in, and as they’re searching for a quote on their phone, Airkit can capture their critical onboarding information on mobile and send it to your company’s CRM. That sharing of information is essential for a quality conversation. Now, when that customer calls in, you have all the information you need to provide them with a quote and a personalized experience. 

Self-service policy administration and claims automation with digital CX 

After you’ve converted a customer, you want to make sure you’re keeping them happy and delivering on their needs. When a customer has to adjust their coverage or renew their policy, you want to provide the most seamless experience possible to reduce the risk of churn and increase CSAT. 

Airkit’s digital CX tools for self-service policy administration give customers agency over their insurance experience and remove CX hurdles for insurers.

For example, when a customer needs to evaluate the damage to their home after a storm, they can connect with an appraiser using a self-scheduling service. Instead of calling in to book time, they can make appointments on their own time.

When a customer wants an update on that claim to repair their home, they can stay in the loop by clicking a link. Airkit can ferry information from an insurer’s CRM tracking the status of that claim to the customer’s web or mobile device, keeping them in the loop and out of your call center’s hold queue. 

This constant feedback loop between customer and insurer speeds up claim cycles and ensures that the information customers provide is more accurate. Now, instead of waiting until business hours to document and report damage to their vehicle, a customer could kick off an FNOL claim using their phone, taking pictures of their car and providing important information through a web-based self-service flow. 

This digital highway of information that’s always open to your customers reduces the need for time-consuming, manual processes like entering customer information into a database.

The power of self-service

The distance between your company and higher-quality CX has never been shorter. Airkit integrates with the systems you already use to run your business every day and offers a powerful, intuitive way to step up your CX. 

Using self-service tools to reduce the barrier of communication between your customer and your company, you can level up your CX and provide a more personalized experience to all of your customers.

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