Blog/Contact Center/Team Demo Recap: Sales Conversion

Our team hosts regular live demos showcasing different capabilities and applications of the Airkit platform. The last topic we tackled was “Sales Conversion,” where we discussed how to make life easier for sales teams with automation tools.

Airkit teammates Frank Golden and David Pascale did a great job of illustrating how businesses can do less while converting more.

It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s Airkit!

First, let’s explain exactly what Airkit does.

Our low-code platform allows business leaders to create digital customer journeys themselves. This means individuals in sales operations, business analysts, and virtually anyone else proficient in Excel can launch user-friendly customer apps. The days of waiting for engineering resources are over.

Studio: Where the Magic Happens

During this online demo, attendees got a chance to see Airkit Studio firsthand. This visual “builder” allows users to create multi-touch customer experiences by simply clicking drag-and-drop components.

Studio also features a robust integration connector. This complements existing out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk, to name a few. Once users are satisfied with the flow of their new customer journey, they can  adapt the look and feel to match their brand guidelines perfectly.

Since this tool doesn’t require coding, it also comes with pre-built templates. As you may have guessed already, one such template is sales conversion. This functionality addresses a problem all too familiar for sales teams.

The Trouble with Sales Calls Today

It’s one of the certainties of human existence: death, taxes, and … robocalls. There’s even a John Oliver episode dedicated to the irritation these calls cause.

As you can probably attest to from personal experience, most consumers don’t pick up random calls from numbers they don’t recognize. Outbound power dialers can mimic local area codes, but that’s not fooling anybody.

Of course, sales teams are simply trying to engage leads in the best way possible. Prospects have fleeting interest, so timing is everything. As Frank emphasized, “You need to engage leads at the moment of intent.”

One way to accomplish this is to have a sales team working round the clock, personally making phone calls within one minute of a lead showing interest. This strategy is hugely challenging, evident in the fact that 30% of leads never receive a call.

Thankfully, robocalls are not the only answer.

Stop Playing Phone Tag

Airkit allows sales teams to double connect rates by engaging leads automatically. Here’s how:

Just imagine a prospect visits a company’s website. Let’s call her Lana Leads. While Lana is on the site, a window pops up with an option to speak to a specialist. She can engage right then, as she’s perusing the site. 

Unfortunately, she gets distracted after plugging in her phone number. So, the Airkit system proactively sends her an SMS. She could click on the embedded link and schedule a call. If she did, she would get a confirmation text and reminders. 

Yet two hours later, there’ s still no response from Lana. At this point, the sales team would give her a call. However, instead of leaving a voicemail, the rep sends a similar text with an embedded link. This approach can be even more effective than two additional calls. All the rep has to do is click a button in Salesforce. 

Finally, Lana schedules the appointment and this information is automatically updated in Salesforce. The team is on the way to the next sale. 

As you can see from this example customer journey, Airkit works across different channels and devices to engage leads immediately. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for prospects to schedule time to speak with the sales team.

Additionally, when it comes to calling and sending text messages, regulations can get pretty complicated. Our platform has TCPA compliance built-in, so sales teams can focus on simply closing deals.

See for Yourself

For more details on how Airkit Studio boosts sales conversion, check out the full demo recording here.

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