Blog/Customer Experience/WISMO: How to build and manage “where is my order” tracking with Airkit

Over the past two years, many of us have been working, shopping, and doing just about everything else from home.  During that time, there was no greater thrill than getting that alert that something you ordered had finally shown up at your door. 

Whether you ordered new fitness equipment, a new puffer jacket, or the latest cookbook to perfect your skills in the kitchen, you were likely keeping track of your order on its journey to you. 

Companies that ship any sort of goods to customers need to be able to keep customers in the loop on the status of their shipment. With Airkit, you can answer your customers’ question, “where is my order?” without having to answer the phone. 

Using a Digital-First WISMO Approach  

Talking to customers on the phone is a cornerstone of customer service. But, it might not be the way to handle WISMO tracking and inquiries. 

Customers looking for information on their shipment want speed and convenience, not a tailored personal interaction with a customer service agent. Using a digital-first, Airkit-powered approach to WISMO lets your business serve your customers at scale, while cutting down on contact center costs.

How Airkit Enables Scalable, Seamless, and Secure Order Tracking

Every customer interaction is an opportunity for you to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction. On the right platform, you can do both of these at the same time. 

Airkit allows companies to meet customers where they are across channels and deliver the information or service they need. That might mean giving a customer the option to buy a new product within a chat session with an agent, or allowing them to bypass an agent all together and check on the status of their order through a self-serve online form. 

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In any case, Airkit transports essential customer information captured in those customer interactions and sends it to the right place in your tech stack, whether that’s a backend database or a frontend marketing flow. This allows you to quickly build out features like digital order tracking, abandoned shopping cart follow ups, and more. If you’d like to see these in action, check out our Demo Center to see WISMO and other apps.

Medify Air Builds WISMO Tracking with Airkit

Airkit customer, Medify Air, was able to scale rapidly to meet an unprecedented demand for air filters during the pandemic using Airkit’s platform to field new customer orders, keep them informed on the status of their order, and do so securely without having to build PCI-compliant platform themselves. 

With Airkit, Medify Air’s customers could use self-serve digital flows to order replacement filters after their initial order was exhausted, and even enroll in a subscription plan so new filters would be sent to them every month. This made life a whole lot easier for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and nursing centers who already had a lot on their plate to say the least. 

To meet the outsized demand, MedifyAir had to act fast. Airkit’s platform came equipped with the omnichannel capabilities they needed to serve customers across channels as well as the PCI-compliance they needed to make sure that customers’ sensitive payment information stayed protected. 

Now, anyone can build solutions with the same speed and flexibility as Medify. In the demo below, we’ll show you how you can build a WISMO tracking solution using Airkit’s API, omnichannel platform, and IVR flow to provide an excellent customer experience across platforms.

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