Automate routine requests across any messaging channel

Conversational Automation

Rapidly deploy your digital chatbot using an easy‑to‑use low-code visual builder. Deploy universally across web, SMS, and RCS. Deliver the right experience on the right channel with conversations for quick self-service and Airkit digital journeys for more complex use cases. Seamless handoff to live agents.


of customers now prefer to engage with a brand over private messaging channels versus traditional channels.

Conversocial, 2019

The chatbot problem

Dead‑end bots that lack self‑service
Your customers channel hop, but traditional chatbots are single channel, leaving customers no choice but to call support.
Not built for proactive, complex requests
While bots excel at simple, informational requests, they break down for content-rich visual experiences and lack proactive action.
Lack of integrations into core systems
It’s often difficult to connect bots to all your disparate systems, resulting in a disjointed experience for agents during handoff.

How we solve it?

Multi‑experience to drive resolution
Airkit provides one comprehensive development platform across voice, web, SMS, and chat, so you can meet consumers on their preferred channel, in the moment.
Optimized for the right channel
Route customers to digital web journeys, chatbots, or live agents based on intent, preference, and complexity. Move from reactive to proactive.
Context‑aware bot‑to‑agent handoff
Airkit flows information back and forth across multiple systems of record, increasing on-call agent efficiency with relevant customer data.

Key benefits

Conversational Automation

Low-code visual builder for chatbots that developers love

Reduce development time with drag‑and‑drop flow visualizations that allow developers to easily create intuitive Q&A flows and routing mechanisms.

  • Multi-channel support (SMS, Web, Google RCS and Business Messages, Facebook Messenger)
  • Build once, deploy universally across conversational channels
  • Auto-optimize experience for content-rich RCS messaging
  • Customize for your brand theme and use cases
  • Easily escalate to a human when needed
  • Built-in security & compliance

Support rich interactions within chatbots

Engage with your customers on new messaging channels. Leverage content‑rich assets within the channel your customers are using, such as Facebook Messenger and Google RCS and Business Messages, to improve customer experience and accelerate self‑service resolution.

  • Text & Media
  • URL with image previews
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Quick replies
  • Option lists

One platform for web, messaging, and chat.

Airkit delivers a frictionless customer experience by combining 2‑way messaging with digital omnichannel journeys.
Use chatbots to automate help desks for simple requests (e.g., reset password, order status) and digital web flows for more complex needs (e.g., automated enrollment, paper form digitization). When human involvement is required, Airkit instantly connects customers to live agents.


Example use cases

Order status
Account balance
1-time payment
Refund or exchange
Appointment scheduling

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