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Loan Status Check



Deflect 40-50% of inbound calls to digital self-service for checking status of a loan application. Banks can trigger this experience through their IVR systems (e.g., Genesys, Five9) and integrate with their systems of record. This can also be embedded into an existing mobile app. One of the largest financial service providers in the world (Fortune 500) reduced call hold times from 1 hour to 2.5 minutes by automating status checks for claim applications.

In this experience, look for:

  • Reference number lookup or customer authentication via core systems
  • Status tracker of process
  • Self-service appointment scheduling to initiate next steps (e.g., when to sign closing docs)
  • Ability to download calendar invite for scheduled appointment
  • Opt in to SMS messaging to receive status updates, confirm scheduled appointments, and more
  • CSAT survey

How it works

Integrate with IVR systems
Validate customer and account (e.g., balances)
Digitally capture information
Self-service status tracker
Customize status and requirements
Self-service appointment scheduling
Send real-time updates back to systems
SMS confirmation

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