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Digital Scheduling

General Industry


Automate appointment scheduling with a digital self-service experience. Trigger this experience through a weblink sent via email, SMS, or QR code, an IVR system (e.g., Genesys, Five9), system of record (CRM), or through an existing mobile app. Providing self-service allows you to lower overall cost to serve while increasing connect rates by 2-3x.

In this experience, look for:

  • Customer authentication via core systems
  • Data validation for address location
  • Self-service appointment scheduling
  • Ability to download calendar invite for scheduled appointment
  • eSignature for accepting consent or terms and conditions (speed up appointment with pre-call customer intake)
  • Opt in to SMS messaging to receive appointment confirmation, reminders, and more

How it works

Multi-entry triggers
Integrate with IVR systems
Pre-fill customer inputs
Digitally capture information
Self-service appointment scheduling
eSignature for consent
Send real-time updates back to systems
Proactive SMS reminders
Self-service rescheduling

Airkit template used

Digital scheduler

Use this app template to digitize self-service appointment scheduling with a contact center representative to eliminate long hold times.

Key Features

  • Global variables for setting text reminders for appointment
  • Self-service appointment scheduling
  • Airscript expressions for dynamic text
  • Configurable SMS reminders
See template

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Airkit for Digital Scheduling

With Airkit’s cloud-based Customer Experience Automation platform, enterprises rapidly build digital customer experiences across web, text, chat, and voice that connect warm leads to your sales team, automate self-service appointment setting (and reminders), and provide smart data capture.


Airkit for Genesys

Extend the power of your Genesys investment to provide proactive, digital self-service to lower cost to serve and speed up service.


Airkit for Salesforce

Connect your CRM to your customers and deliver digital customer experience apps faster. See how you can automate simple to complex digital experiences.

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