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Change Beneficiary



By providing digital self-service for beneficiary changes, insurance carriers can deflect 40-50% of inbound calls, reduce agent handling time, and eliminate error-prone paper forms. Carriers can trigger and integrate this experience with their IVR systems, CRM, and policy systems. This can also be embedded into an existing mobile app.

In this experience, look for:

  • Reflexive form fields (dynamically adjust based on user responses, such as a single or multiple beneficiary change)
  • Data validation for address location
  • Secure capture of media uploads (e.g., trust documents) and eSignature
  • Amazon-like experience (allow customers to stop and start experiences on different channels without losing user inputs)
  • PDF download of submission for receipt (initiate a variety of PDF operations, including create or merge PDFs, map user inputs to existing PDFs, convert HTML to PDF)
  • Status tracker of beneficiary change process
  • Opt in to SMS messaging to confirm submission, provide status updates, and more

How it works

Integrate with IVR, CRM, and policy systems
Digitally capture information
Validate user and account status
Input beneficiary and trust information
Read terms and eSign
Send real-time updates back to systems
SMS confirmation
Self-service status tracker

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