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Digital First Notice of Loss (FNOL)



Deflect 40-50% of inbound calls to digital self-service for FNOL. Insurance carriers commonly trigger this experience through their IVR systems (e.g., Genesys) and integrate this with their claims management system. This can also be embedded into an existing mobile app. By providing digital self-service for high-volume requests such as FNOL, carriers lower cost to serve and increase CSAT with faster service and increased transparency for customers.

In this experience, look for:

  • Reflexive form fields (dynamically adjust based on user responses)
  • Data validation for address location and VIN lookup (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Secure capture of media uploads (photos of incident, drivers’ license, etc.)
  • Amazon-like experience (allow customers to stop and start experiences on different channels without losing user inputs)
  • Opt in to SMS messaging to confirm submission, provide status updates, and reminders to complete submission

How it works

Integrate with IVR systems
Pre-fill customer inputs
Integrate with claims management system
Digitally capture incident details
Send real-time customer updates back to systems
Proactive omnichannel updates
1-click self-service roadside assistance

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