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Deflect high volume customer requests to a digital self-service experience while speeding up service simultaneously. Trigger this experience through a weblink sent via email, SMS, or QR code, an IVR system (e.g., Genesys, Five9), system of record (CRM), or through an existing mobile app. Providing self-service allows you to lower overall cost to serve and eliminate agent handling time.

In this experience, look for:

  • Opt in to SMS messaging to receive appointment confirmation, reminders, and more
  • Reflexive form fields (dynamically adjust questions based on user responses)
  • Data validation with core systems for customer information
  • Data validation of new addresses to receive service
  • CSAT survey

How it works

Multi-entry triggers
Integrate with IVR systems
Integrate with field service management systems
Digitally capture information
Personalized views based on service type selected
Pre-fill inputs based on system data
Send real-time updates back to systems
SMS confirmation

Airkit template used

Callback scheduling

Use this app template to digitally capture customer information for self-service callback scheduling in order to eliminate long hold times.

Key Features

  • IVR call deflection
  • Voicebot and chatbot builders
  • Digital forms
See template

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