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Use Airkit to rapidly build digital experiences that flow information across your backend systems and your customers.
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Engage customer intent and automate tedious tasks. With existing data.
You’ve got customer data sitting in your backend. But no automated way to action on this.
Use Airkit to speed up digital service. Reduce customer load with pre-filled forms or serving customized views based on your system data.
Pass customer information back to your backend systems.
Once a digital experience is triggered, any information provided by the customer during the experience is passed back to your core systems.
Get up and running fast with pre‑built integrations and reusable logic.
The most difficult part is getting your systems connected to your customers. Go faster with our pre-built integrations and reusable logic that can be configured to automate queries, triggers, and actions.

Automate data flows across your systems and customers

Airkit operates as the connective tissue within your environment. Design and automate sophisticated data flows to manage, organize, process, and transform data.


Real-world examples


Canada’s most popular food delivery app automated its restaurant onboarding to meet unprecedented demand during the pandemic.

Skip built an onboarding app that connected its restaurant partners’ onboarding information to its own Salesforce instance. This allows Skip’s sales team to keep track of where restaurants are in their onboarding and follow up as needed.
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Bench Accounting, America’s largest professional booking service for small businesses, digitized a sign-up flow for lead acquisition.

Data was sent to Marketo and Salesforce. Heap was used to analyze customer behavior along the sign‑up flow. With Heap’s customer intelligence, Bench quickly iterated on optimizing its sign-up flow which lead to higher conversion rates.
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