IVR Deflection

Save costs in your contact center. Make your customers happy.

Customers are still calling you. Use Airkit to launch self-service experiences that allow customers to resolve routine tasks themselves, reducing call volume by as much as 30%.

Use Cases:

Our most popular IVR Deflection journeys.

File a Support Ticket
Claim Status
Order Status
Add a Dependent
Update Payment
Update address
File a Warranty
Late Return Notice
Change, Cancel or Pause Subscription

Automate Tier I support.

Customers don’t always need to talk. IVR deflection is a great way to offload low-value agent tasks while improving customer satisfaction. Build responsive self-service options across voice and chat, where your customers can update information, make a payment, create a support ticket or get answers to common questions.

Use technology to connect with customer in a new way.

Deliver on the expectations of your digital first customers by using the full capabilities of mobile devices, apps and modern browsers. Airkit enables personalized and responsive experiences that know the customer and automatically guides them to next best step. The end result? Increased customer sat, reduced hold times and increased lifetime value.

Rapidly launch new journeys.

Is custom development too expensive and too slow? Relying on engineering resources to build customer experiences can take months, slowing time-to-market and innovation. Airkit enables IT and Ops teams to launch new digital experiences with fully automated workflows, in hours vs. months. Whether you're making a brand-new experience or customizing Airkit's pre-built templates, creating modern digital experiences for voice, chat or web is a cinch, all without writing code.

Customer Spotlight:


Decrease Average Handle Time

Boost Contact Center Productivity

Saved an average 9 minutes on every ticket

Job Satisfaction

Increase in agent happiness

Built from the ground up with Security & Compliance to
protect yourself and customers.

You can’t focus on delivering excellent customer experiences if you’re worried about security.

That’s why Airkit rigorously maintains the following security and privacy certifications:

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See for yourself.

There’s no limit to what you can build on the Airkit platform.