Open letter from our founders in support of social justice for the Black community

To our Airkit Community,

We measure our success by how well we maximize the results for every stakeholder. These stakeholders include our customers, team, investors, and the communities that we live in. As we reflect on where we are today, we recognize that we have not done enough and are not doing enough to honor our commitment to the stakeholders in our communities, specifically the Black community. This is only the beginning of what we aspire to do to affect permanent and meaningful change.

We believe that building a winning product, business and culture is a team effort that requires a diverse collection of ideas, experiences and backgrounds, all working together to accomplish something that will make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Social injustice is a halting impediment to progress and innovation that aims to restrict diversity in our communities. Racism, violence, and discrimination must stop, and we recognize the role we play in moving towards change. As a company, and as individuals, we must do more. We will continue to find ways to educate ourselves and our team, and we will look for opportunities to elevate the Black community.

At Airkit, each member of our team contributes to our success as a whole. We’re working to create a culture where everyone is treated equally and differences are embraced. We are committed to learning and expanding our understanding of what it means to empower our teammates to bring their whole and authentic selves to work. We will continue to expand our tools, programs, resources and people to build a world-class product & team.

To advance our commitment to social justice, diversity and inclusion, we have committed to the following:

  • Culture. Ally and anti-discrimination training for all teammates within their first year of employment and every 12 months following.
  • Juneteenth. We will be celebrating Juneteenth as a company holiday starting this week, and we will encourage our teammates to take this time to learn about social injustice, race, and the Black experience.
  • Impact. A donation matching program offered to teammates who choose to contribute to organizations fighting for social justice reform and equality.
  • People. Airkit is committed to developing a workforce that is representative of our community and will revisit our strategies and goals on a regular basis to identify gaps and areas of opportunity.
  • Practices. We are actively evaluating our practices and processes to ensure they are equitable and inclusive. This includes our internal policies, marketing materials, and hiring process.

This is only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish and the resources we hope to provide to our team. Just as we do with every part of our business, we will continue to aim for excellence as a Team and work towards making a lasting impact.

Stephen & Adam
Co-Founders, Airkit
June 2020