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Use 100+ components and templates pre‑built for web, mobile, and voice apps. Snap together your app in minutes with Airkit Studio. Building digital self‑service, agent assist, and dynamic digital form experiences has never been easier.

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Orchestrate cross-channel journeys with clicks, not code

  • How customers start the experience
  • Multi-experiences to follow customers as they switch channels - while preserving context
  • Nudges to engage the customer
  • Key customer interactions

Setup Data Flows that work well with your data

Design sophisticated data flows to manage, organize, process, and transform data. Airkit operates as the connective tissue within your environment. Integrate activity across systems and preserve session state across all channels for an uninterrupted digital experience.

CX Primitive Data Types
Create data structures with point-and-click interactions. Airkit provides primitives purpose-built for customer engagement - e.g., phone, email, currency.
Easy‑to-use Variables
Transform and query JSON in any app. Use TypeAhead to quickly locate variables. Bind UI components with Automatic Variable Creation to easily collect data.
Custom App APIs
Create custom API endpoints for the apps you build with just a few clicks. Flow communication to your external systems on app activity and data.

Connect to anything

Use pre‑built or custom integrations to connect Airkit to your systems of record or transaction. Trigger digital experiences based on system activity (e.g., new CRM object created). Construct data operations to collect, use, modify, and remit data across your environment.

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Airkit fit into our environment easily, without impacting our developers’ workload. The solution accelerated app development without the need to modify our existing call center.

John Pendleton|Founder & CTO

Preview your app and data flows

Build higher‑quality software with less technical debt. Resolve software errors on the fly, version to smoothly flow changes, UAT on all the devices, and use deployment profiles to save time and human errors.

A click to publish

Just one click to publish. Focus on building the best customer experience apps while abstracting away infrastructure concerns for deployment. Embed into your web and mobile apps or chat flows. Airkit is designed to extend your existing digital properties.

Built‑in Security
Data is encrypted at-rest and in-flight. Customer apps and data are hosted in separate secure logical instances per organization with SAML 2.0 SSO.
Compliance Included
Don’t spend time pushing paper. Airkit offers built-in TCPA and is SOC2, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA-certified.
Data Governance
Maintain ownership of your data with full portability. You can choose not to store data on Airkit’s platform.

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