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CXPA Webinar: Boost Customer Engagement and Growth in 2021

Join CEO of Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw, and Head of Airkit Product Marketing, Julia Lee, for a discussion around customer retention and growth best practices.

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Digital Nudging: 10 Practical Tips to Reimagine Your Digital Experience

Engaging with the right customer at the right time is challenging. Start building intentional digital experiences now.

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Leveling Up CX in Consumer Services

Now more than ever, Consumer Services organizations have to rise to the expectations of their customers.

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How Turo Drives Operational Efficiency with Airkit

Peek under the hood to see how the peer-to-peer car sharing service automated routine customer and host interactions.


Premier Properties Scales Up Customer Satisfaction with Airkit

Hear how the property management group automated manual processes using Airkit to give their clients a better customer experience.

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Best Practices for Customer Retention and Growth

A playbook for accelerating renewals, increasing up-sell/cross-sell, preventing churn, and winning back lost customers.

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Leveling Up CX in Financial Services

Now more than ever, financial institutions have to move beyond the limits of their legacy systems so they can rise to the expectations of their customers.

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CXPA Webinar: Digital Experience and Customer Memory

Creating positive, lasting impressions on your customers can be challenging. Here’s some advice on how to knock your digital CX out of the park.

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CX Book Club: Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe

Hear from CX speaker, advisor, and author, Adrian Swinscoe, about his book, Punk CX, and why the CX industry could use some serious shaking up.

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