The Digital Experience is Broken: 7 Ways to Fix It

Beyond Philosophy’s Founder & CEO, Colin Shaw, discusses how to build memorable digital experiences.

The US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2020-21

Download ContactBabel’s 2020 reports to get the latest data for CX decision-makers.

Intro to Airkit

Watch this webinar for a quick intro to Airkit and live demo of the product.

Reusability Case Study

“Our team is able to customize CX interactions via Airkit and make different features unique to each individual customer.”

CX Book Club: Customer Understanding by Annette Franz

CX Expert Annette Franz shares key take aways from her book, “Customer Understanding.”

How to Scale Your Contact Center

Insights on scaling contact center and CX operations for a fast-growing company.

CX Book Club: The Technology Fallacy by Gerald Kane

Learn what organizational changes are required to make the most of innovative technologies.

Airkit Demo: Boost Sales Conversion

Accelerate each stage of your sales process, driving connect rates at the top of the funnel, to nudging prospects through the sales pipeline.

Airkit Demo: PCI Compliance

Create intuitive transactions without compliance worries, encouraging more customers to complete purchases with confidence.


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