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We help you build customer apps 40x faster

Use powerful building blocks to deliver digital interfaces integrated with your core systems. Ship higher quality apps to impact revenue, burn down a year’s backlog in weeks, and slash maintenance costs.

Customers went digital, but most companies are not ready

Your customers expect best-in-class digital experiences — across all devices, browsers, and channels. This requires more dev resources, but your engineering team is buried under a backlog of LOB projects.

Why are custom apps so difficult to build?

Building a single app to handle every customer interaction across web, mobile, and voice is hard. It’s difficult to scale, maintain, and pay off technical debt.
There’s a shortage of engineers and front-end development expertise. You need developers that understand all browsers, devices, JavaScript frameworks, and user experience design.
These projects take a long time. 12 months or more is typical. Not to mention time for security and compliance certifications.

How we solve it?

Breakaway from building monolithic apps with reusable components that snap together into micro-apps. Scale deployments without worrying about infrastructure. Ship higher quality apps with less technical debt.
Launch all the experiences with less time. Reusable components purpose-built for CX means a single build can be deployed across browsers, devices, channels, and embedded in your digital properties.
Innovate faster with security, compliance, and controls built in. Take a year’s backlog and deliver it in weeks.

Under the Hood

Digital customer experience automation

Front-end user experience

Process + business logic

Security & compliance

DevOps & deploy

Easily integrate with

and others...

Ship higher quality micro-apps with an enterprise grade platform

Powerful building blocks
Easily snap together CX-focused building blocks – controls, templates, data operations, integrations. Or build your own reusable blocks.
Integrate with your systems
Build digital interfaces that connect to your systems. Leverage our APIs and pre-built or custom integrations. Create API endpoints for your apps.
Extend your ecosystem
Augment your existing digital properties. Airkit apps can be embedded into web and mobile apps or within a chat flow.
Centralized controls
Allow developers to build apps with centralized controls. Provision role-based access controls across the platform, apps, and data.
Security + compliance
Develop secure, compliant apps that withstand audits and industry regulations (TCPA, SOC2, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA).
Multi‑experience apps
Build apps that reach customers where they are – web, mobile, voice, chat. Preserve session state as customers swap channels.

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