Consumer Services

How Consumer Services Companies Can Stand Out.

Fast-growing companies in consumer services like delivery and ecommerce can use Airkit to more efficiently scale contact center operations and empower customers with automated self-service customer experiences.

Companies offering consumer services rely heavily on Customer Experience (CX) for acquisition, retention and differentiation.

Progressive direct-to-consumer companies understand that the digital-first consumer behaves very differently than previous generations. These consumers demand experiences that are effortless and personalized--especially across online, mobile and self-service channels. However, according to IDG industry study, while 89% of companies plan to be digital-first, only 45% are in the early stages of that digital transformation. Key obstacles to this progress are limited development teams having to deal with legacy systems. Airkit directly addresses this dilemma with a toolkit that enables non-development teams to build modern CX experiences on top of existing systems to meet the needs of digital-first customers more quickly.

CX solutions from Airkit customers in Consumer Services:

  • CSAT Measurement
  • Scheduling Field Appointments
  • Payment Updates
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Return Processing
  • Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Customers with an open order shouldn’t have to wait on hold or re-provide any information. It’s easy to automatically detect a customer based on information like mobile phone number, and then identify their order and personalize a self-service experience that delights them by solving their problem quickly--often without human intervention.

Return Processing

From delivery status to return workflows, allow consumers to simplify and accelerate the last mile.

Proactive Customer Loyalty

Automatically identify instances when a customer isn’t having the best experience, often due to delays or returns, and automatically delight them by providing a loyalty incentive or future discount. These targeted loyalty programs are relatively easy to automate and directly impact customer retention, renewals and CSAT.

Metrics from Airkit customers in Consumer Services:


38% reduction in new tickets/issues

reduction in new tickets/issues

80% increase in call-center capacity

increase in call-center capacity

5X reduction in time to resolution

Reduction in time to resolution

20% increase in CSAT

increase in CSAT

Airkit System Integrations

Airkit has CX integrations with leading consumer service companies to easily provide more personalized context and hybrid phone/mobile service experiences.