Leave No Citizens Behind in the Fight Against COVID-19

For local governments and care providers battling COVID-19, Airkit delivers a commercially-proven, rapidly deployable solution for equitable digital citizen engagement and coordination in the last mile of vaccine distribution.

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We’ll help you meet citizens where they are
Trigger patient communications from your CRM/EMR/EHR or handle high volume inbound inquiries via voice and digital channels at remarkable speed and efficiency. Airkit provides interactive, self-service citizen journeys to accelerate vaccine administration, logistics, and adverse event monitoring.
Organizations using Airkit typically see:
40% Digital Intake
2x Call Center Efficiency
100% Digital Onboarding
10x Faster Speed to Market
Scheduling & Intake
Use Airkit to deliver digital appointments with the scan of a QR code or deflect calls to a digital experience. Quickly accommodate high call volumes by providing vaccine appointment scheduling and reminders via text, SMS, chat, and email. Providers can intake patient information with digital forms to accelerate vaccine administration. Improve show rates by 2x and reduce calls to contact centers by 40% or more.
Effective Digital Communications
For local governments or care providers, communicating and scheduling mass vaccinations is a major challenge. Airkit digital engagement via text, voice, web, or chat improves connect rates 4x over e-mail or phone.
Simplify Vaccine Reporting
Airkit simplifies adverse event reporting by enabling patients to self-report via text or web. Providers can easily create workflows to trigger a contact center follow-up and select which data is shared with other agencies to comply with privacy and local regulations. Airkit manages data exchange in a secure and compliant manner.
Improve Compliance for 2‐Stage Vaccines
Most COVID-19 vaccines require an initial vaccination with a follow-up booster for 95% effectiveness. However, traditional patient compliance with 2-stage vaccines is less than 50%. Airkit enables providers to automatically trigger patient reminder nudges via text, call, or email with the ability to schedule booster appointments immediately.

Leave No Citizens Behind

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