How Financial Services Can Better Serve Digital-First Customers.

Airkit helps Customer Experience (CX) teams at banks, financial service firms and fintech companies to improve satisfaction, retention and revenue by providing automated and secure customer workflows.

Financial Service companies can meet the needs of digital-first customers by providing automated self-service experiences.

A recent PwC survey found that 46% of consumers in Financial Services only use digital channels, making the digital experience the only experience for many customers, and a competitive differentiator to attract and retain customers. Companies in Financial Services can automate the entire journey for digital-first consumers, including new account registration, balance updates, loan pull-through, fraud prevention, cross-sell opportunities, and more. Airkit is a Customer-Led Automation platform that simplifies the creation of digital self-service experiences. The Airkit toolkit integrates with existing customer systems, and enables non-developer Customer Experience (CX) teams to build customer-facing workflows on top of existing systems.

Here are some of our more popular CX solutions with Airkit's banking customers:

  • CSAT Measurement
  • Wire Transfer Verification
  • Renewal and Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Account Updates
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Account Activation and Onboarding

Account Activation and Onboarding

Streamline new account onboarding by connecting customers with your team of experts to quickly share information online.

Fraud Prevention

Proactively verify suspicious charges or requests with customers, enabling requests for account freeze or new card directly from a self-service interaction.

Self-Service Account Updates

Whether it’s checking on the status of a trade or requesting a new credit card, move simple customer requests from high-cost contact centers to low-cost automated self-service saves time and money, while increasing satisfaction.

Metrics from Airkit customers in Financial Services:


38% reduction in new tickets/issues

reduction in new tickets/issues

80% increase in call-center capacity

increase in call-center capacity

20% increase in CSAT

increase in CSAT

5X reduction in time to resolution

Reduction in time to resolution

Airkit System Integrations

Airkit has CX integrations with leading financial systems that enable companies to easily provide more personalized context and hybrid phone/mobile service experiences.