How Insurance Companies Can Stand Out.

From increasing call center capacity to offering self-service on insurance claims, Airkit helps Customer Experience (CX) teams contribute to the top and bottom line.

Insurance firms can accelerate lead conversion and eliminate manual customer service with personalized workflow automation and mobile self-service tools.

In the highly-regulated insurance industry, customer experience is a key lever to differentiate from competitors. A 2019 Watermark research report shows that insurance firms with the highest CX out-performed their competitors by 3-5X in terms of market value and stockholder return. Airkit’s CX builder makes it easy for insurance companies to make (and prove) their impact on revenue and CSAT with modern customer experiences on top of existing sales and service systems. Airkit is the first platform for Customer-Led Automation that simplifies the creation and deployment of these kinds of delightful customer experiences. Whether it’s insurance sales or claims service teams, Airkit can help generate more value out of the most critical CX moments.

CX solutions from Airkit customers in Insurance:

  • Proactive Loyalty Discounts
  • CSAT Measurement
  • Scheduling Claims Appointments
  • Streamline Claim Processing
  • Proactive Sales Outreach

Proactive Sales Outreach

Insurance firms can improve conversion of new policy sales by proactively texting customers a link to schedule a call-back (or speak at that moment) with a simple automated call scheduling workflow.

Streamline Claim Processing

Rather than waiting a week for a claims adjuster, start the process immediately by allowing customers to snap a photo of their claim and send it to you. From there, you can even prompt them for pertinent information so that by the time they get on the phone with an agent, the claim is already being processed.

Claim Status Updates

Anticipate the needs of policyholders. The most time-consuming part of processing a claim is the continuous status updates and ongoing requests for additional documentation. Keep all of these within a single customer experience.

Airkit’s Insurance customers realize…

38 %

Reduction in new tickets/issues

Reduction in new tickets/issues

Call Center Capacity

increase in call-center capacity

5X reduction in time to resolution

Reduction in time to resolution

20% increase in CSAT

increase in CSAT

Airkit System Integrations

Airkit has CX integrations with leading insurance data and call center systems that enable companies to easily provide more personalized context and hybrid phone/mobile service experiences.