Digital Experiences for Insurance

Automated enrollment with omnichannel service. Digital deflection to self‑service for policy administration. Claims automation. Use digital self-service to reduce agent effort, eliminate paper, and accelerate customer acquisition across Property & Casualty and Life.

  • 40-50% digital deflection to lower cost to serve
  • 0% NIGO with paperless CX
  • Integration with on-prem and third party systems

Customer Story

Fortune 50 Insurer

One of the largest global insurance providers digitally transformed their core business by re‑designing its error-prone, complex paper-based process into an omnichannel experience.

  • Unlocked over $10 million in annual premiums
  • 100% digitization completed in months vs. years
  • Integration with homegrown legacy platforms and underwriting systems

Insurance Use Cases

New Customer Acquisition
Connect warm leads to agents by embedding digital appointment scheduling into quote generation workflows.
Policy Origination
Deliver an end-to-end digital experience to accelerate quote-to-bind process.
Client Onboarding
Digitize collection of customer information with paperless forms, self- service, and agent assist.
Contact Center Operations
Contain costs with digital self-service or channel swapping for policy administration and claims management.
Claims Automation
Digitize FNOL intake, claims status updates, loss assessment and repair, and settlements.
Policy Administration
Automate billing, form generation, and cross-channel notifications to streamline policy management.

Policy Origination with Omnichannel Service

  • Paperless process with digital touchpoints (SMS, email, chat)
  • Increase completion rates with omnichannel service and reduce NIGO for accelerated processing
  • Embed into existing digital properties, such as web and mobile apps or chat flows

Intelligent Lead Routing

Increase connect rates with your customers, whether they’re evaluating or ready to purchase. Airkit’s intelligent lead routing delivers digital self‑service to schedule a call with an agent. Customers are reminded via email or SMS on upcoming appointments.

Components Commonly Used

  • Automated Call Scheduling
  • Omnichannel Meeting Invite and Reminders
  • Conversational Flow Builder
  • Built-in TCPA Compliance
  • API Integrations with Core Systems

Digital Self-Service

With IVR deflection, insurers accelerate customer care while increasing agent efficiency. Provide self‑service digital journeys, such as guiding customers to a form or URL via SMS. Get faster issue resolutions for account changes, beneficiary updates, and claim status.

Components Commonly Used

  • IVR Flow
  • Built-in TCPA Compliance and Mobile Opt-in
  • Digital Form
  • Chat Bot
  • Omnichannel Notifications
  • API Integrations with Core Systems

Claims Automation

Simplify and accelerate your claims experience for happier customers and agents. Automate data collection for First Notice of Loss (FNOL). Push proactive claim status updates via email, SMS, or chat. Digitize adjuster assessment communications. Trigger claim settlement payments.

Components Commonly Used

  • Digital Form (Document or Media Upload)
  • Chat Bot
  • Omnichannel Notifications
  • API Integrations with Core Systems

Paper Form Digitization

Transform complex, lengthy paper form processes into streamlined digital journeys. Push digital channel communications to reduce NIGO applications. Digitize collection of missing information such as eSignatures, proof of ID, and documents.

Components Commonly Used

  • Digital Form
  • Conversational Flow Builder
  • Omnichannel Notifications
  • API Integrations with Core Systems
  • PDF Output

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